I Wonder What They Would Think

One thing that really bothers me is that people want to call good evil, and evil good. I can remember when I was a little girl, certain things just were not tolerated like children talking back to adults, even if the adult was wrong; children cursing, especially around adults; children disrespecting their parents; condoms given away in school and girls being able to have an abortion without the consent of their parents; parents allowing their children’s significant other to move in together in the home of the parent; children drinking and smoking around their parents; people disrespecting the church building by sitting on the steps smoking and/or drinking and cursing, etc., and the list could go on and on. Sometimes I wonder what the people who died about 30 years ago would think if they could come back and see what we have allowed. I wonder what they would think watching as children curse out their parents. I wonder what they would think if they came back and witnessed people sitting on the church steps cursing, drinking and smoking. I wonder what they would have to say about children not having to have their parents permission to obtain birth control and have abortions.

Man oh man. I just wonder.



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