The Hurt of My Past

This morning I have a lot on my mind. As a Woman Broken and a Woman Whole (still working on the wholeness piece), I realize that past hurt can run deep. Most days I feel as though I have overcome the hurt of my past, and then one day, out of the blue, I get this tremendous weight of pain from something that hurt me years ago. At first, it feels like I’m reliving the situation as if it is happening right at that moment, and then I get myself together, remembering that I have forgiven the offender and have forgotten the offense. I have to verbally remind myself that I have been renewed in the spirit of my mind and that satan can no longer have that space in my mind. I have to remind myself that the past is just that: the past and it has no place in my present. When I think of my offender and the offense, it is the opportunity for me to pray for them, not wish anything bad for them. It is the opportunity to love them like GOD loved me when I was offensive towards HIM. GOD is a forgiving GOD and a HEALING GOD. It is GOD’S DESIRE FOR US TO BE EVERY WIT WHOLE and we must desire the same for ourselves. So every time the enemy of your soul comes to bring back thoughts about things that hurt you in your past, remind him that you have overcome by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB (JESUS) and the WORD OF YOUR TESTIMONY.





13 thoughts on “The Hurt of My Past”

      1. Good share.
        I have demons form my past, and I have a saying “You remember them, you keep living them” You remain in that place, the past.
        I know words can’t take away what you are going through sweetie, but please try and live for today and tomorrow. What happened, like what happened to me is gone, it won’t happen again, so we let it go. We live for now and tomorrow. We forget yesterday, because if we do, we remain there, trapped for all our time.

        I know I can only help you with words, and putting these words into practice is not as easy as it seems, or looks. But you already know this. I am not telling you anything else you don’t know.

        But I am saying. I can share and understand history coming back at you and you live as though you are in “That moment” I know, trust me, please.

        Together, we can help each other live and love for today and tomorrow. This is why I joined up here. To help and be helped. So this is what we will do. Deal? lol

        I see you have faith, try using your faith to let go of yesterday. As I said before, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart, you need a shoulder, you need someone to talk to. Skype AUDIO is there. I am away in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, Bit technology is no reason these days for people not to help.

        I hope you are ok, and I offer thoughts and prayers and hope you can start living for today and tomorrow and let whatever happened yesterday, whenever, go.

        Love and Hugs…

        Shaun x

      2. Oh trust me, I’m good today and most days. When I feel the depression coming, I have to pray. When I feel the gloom and despair coming, I pray, I have to because I don’t like depression and guess what? I know my worth!!! I can’t change my past, as much as I would love to. I don’t move so quickly into forgetting the past because there are definitely things there that I can think on that make me better today. I don’t altogether forget my past because I can call on some things of my past to help others, but as far as dwelling on it and allowing depression and fear to take over, NO THANK YOU!!! Glory to GOD. I’ve got victory and I win. Not because of me, but because of the GOD in me. Without GOD, I would be sitting in a corner somewhere, in a dark room, probably “drinking my problems away” if that is possible. LOL.
        I know that I am here today because of the things I experienced in my past and a lot of the things I experienced were so that I can help others get through their issues.
        Still fighting, but with a different perspective…..I win!!!

      3. Well said !!
        What torture we went through yesterday made us who we are today. I could not agree more. I am so happy you said this. I have been to hell and back, but like you, had these bad things not happen, I wouldn’t be the happy lad I am today.

        Thank you,
        See we are helping each other here.
        This is the great thing I hope you agree.

        Shaun x

      4. GOOD!!
        I also.
        There is something in the Air today, all over people seem happy and at ease today. I hope this is a trend that carries on. Just a little bit of debate and humour here and there, and we see clearer, I believe so anyway..

        Shaun x

  1. oh wow, you are a MUCH better person than most people living on this planet. I can’t imagine how horrible this particular incident(s) may of been, but an average person like myself wouldn’t be as loving and forgiving. You are a true living example of what following Jesus is all about. Bless you and your family.

    1. Hi chris9911,
      The blog is only partially autobiographical. However, as you will see in the coming blogs, I was abused from my childhood up until I was 38 years old. I will share some of the things I endured and share how GOD has healed me and is still healing me.
      I like it when my writings are touching someone. It lets me know that I am doing at least SOME of what GOD has gifted me to do.

    2. Chris that was an incredible thing to say, and this is why I love this place. Strangers helping strangers. As I said a few times, we are all from all over Earth, but together, we can all help.
      Also following Chris if that is ok.


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