Dumpster Diving

When you put out the trash, leave it there and don’t go DUMPSTER DIVING!!!
Trash is just that: TRASH.
If you were in a relationship and your man called you every name in the book (B****, Hoe, Whore, Slut); told you that you are no good and you’ll never be any good, and you got rid of him, DON’T GO DUMPSTER DIVING. Leave that trash right in that dumpster and wait for the right man to come for you.
If you were in a relationship where your man cheated on you and you broke it off with him, DON’T GO DUMPSTER DIVING and try to get him back, because in most cases, ONCE A CHEATER, ALWAYS A CHEATER.

If your man makes you go to work while he sits around and does nothing but play games all day long, then after you cash your check, he takes all YOUR hard-earned money and spends it at the strip club or spends it on his drugs or “toys”, dump that trash and DON’T GO DUMPSTER DIVING. He doesn’t want you. He wants YOUR MONEY.

And ladies, for real, if another woman got rid of her man for cheating and abusing her, for GOD’S sake, DON’T GO DUMPSTER DIVING looking for HER man because you think he’ll be better to you than he was to her.


6 thoughts on “Dumpster Diving”

  1. love your intensity and simple but concise and fierce delivery! love love love what you wrote; needed to hear that. thanks for sharing your gift with us!

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