To Everyone who has read, liked and reblogged any of my writings, I would like to say a very special Thank You. Being new to the blogging scene, I have found joy in writing things which are interesting as well as helpful. 
There are two reasons why I am writing this very special Thank You.  Number 1 – I really appreciate each and every one of you for taking the time to read my blogs. I especially thank Sahm King (my son) who encouraged me to even begin blogging. Check out his writings. He is awesome. I’d also like to thank MT Blue for her encouragement as she likes and comments on my blogs. 
Number 2 – On Thursday, I go into the hospital for a heart catheterization. At first, I thought I’d be ok, but today was hard for me. I actually got scared and began to think about my own mortality. As I sat thinking about it, I reviewed my life and I can honestly say that now, I am enjoying life and I’d love to live longer to enjoy some more of it. I’d love to see all of my children become parents. I’d love to see my grandchildren grow up and become parents themselves. Most importantly, I’d love to see me evolve into the woman GOD intended me to be….
So with those thoughts, I want to again say, “Thank You” to each and everyone of you!!!
GOD bless you ALL and I look forward to continued blogging with you.



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