Just Grateful

Sometimes we forget about the “important” things. You know, like breathing; having food; having electric, gas and hot water. Having the freedom to choose what clothes we’re going to wear today or what channel we are going to watch on television. Sometimes we take the ability to walk, see and talk for granted. We even take our freedom in these United States for granted. Sure, things in these United States could be much better, but they could also be much worse. As of right now, we still have choices we can make without being carted off to jail. We can choose whom to marry (man/man, woman/woman(in some states), or man/woman in any state); we can choose whether or not to go to college as well as choose whether or not to bring forth a child. We can choose our religion or we can choose to worship a tree, rock or anything. We can choose where to live (in most cases – some people can’t choose to live certain places because of hate crimes and racism which refuses to die); We can choose what school to send our child to or we can home school them. People can choose whether or not to go into the military and who to vote for. We can choose what doctor and/or hospital to go to (in the majority of cases); We can chose to consume pork, chicken, beef or fish or we can choose to be vegetarian.
Bottom line is this: I’m just grateful……..What about you?


7 thoughts on “Just Grateful”

      1. I’ve always liked hvniag blue eyes. I’m thankful for the beauty of the sky its all encompassing here in the country. I’m thankful for the awesome blue dress my dd is wearing that we got for my daughter at the thrift store. And I’m also grateful got the lack of blue on my counters. When we moved here, the kitchen was a neutral color unlike some others kitchens we saw that literally had bright blue countertops.

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