That is a question which comes up periodically. We may not always ask the question but sometimes our actions betray us.

I know that GOD is able to do all things but sometimes waiting for HIM to do those things can be hard and cause our faith to wane.

Case in point:

I had prayed for years for GOD to answer a particular prayer. In fact, because GOD had not answered that prayer in my time, I decided that I was no longer going to trust HIM, nor was I going to ask HIM for anything else. I felt like GOD already KNEW my hearts’ desire but HE was just playing me and wanted me to suffer. What I didn’t know then was that the very thing I petitioned GOD for, I WAS NOT READY FOR!!! GOD delayed giving me what I desperately wanted, but I needed to wait because had I gotten that prayer answered, things would have been messed up.

I know better now and I want to encourage someone who is waiting on GOD. i have learned that NOTHING….IS….TOO….HARD….FOR ….GOD. Not healing, Not putting families together; not providing finances;…Whatever you or I need from GOD, none of it is too hard for HIM.

See, what I have learned is this: We must pray in faith and believe that those things we ask for WILL COME TO PASS. We must understand too, that GOD’s timing is NOT THE SAME as our timing. We should also remember that a DELAY doesn’t necessarily mean “NO”. 

I encourage you today to trust GOD because NOTHING – NO THING – IS TOO HARD FOR GOD.

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