I’m walking and I looking up to the skies and think for a moment “What if this JESUS coming back stuff is real”. Then before I could finish the thought, I found myself looking at my jeans which just got splashed with muddy water as a car hastily make it’s way past me. After the initial shock of now being wet in 27 degree weather, I find myself looking for a store where I can purchase a pair of inexpensive jeans to replace these!

As I’m looking though the racks, I find nothing appealing. I look and look until alas, I find the perfect pair of jeans for me. With glee, I look for the dressing room so that I may try them on. Finally, an associate who was familiar with the “look“, escorted me to the dressing room and as expected, they fit perfectly. There were three mirrors in the fitting room and I looked at myself through each one, quietly pointing out some bodily flaw that I had promised to fix over the years, but simply never got around to fixing. Who cares anyway? I mean, no man is looking at ME“. I don’t fit the mold of sexy. The most looks I get are from myself or from my cat and only from my cat when he is hungry or thirsty.

So I leave the fitting room with my new pair of jeans on and I head towards the counter to pay or them, and when I get there, I found myself looking at a man, who, if I were to believe artists’ renditions of what JESUS looks like, then I was looking right at HIM and HE at me.

As we stood there, silently observing one another, my heart began to beat faster and faster as my mind led me to believe that I was standing in the presence of JESUS.  I began looking back over my life to see if I had righted all wrongs, forgave all offenses, asked others to forgive me, and settled any bad debts I may have owed. 

While I was looking back on my past, I heard a voice speak and it said “next in line”. I immediately jumped from looking at my past and panicked because now the angel (really, the cashier) was calling for next in line – THAT WAS ME!!! This was it! I’m about to go to heaven with JESUS. Just as I thought that, the JESUS looking man said, “Miss, is everything ok? You’re looking as if you just saw JESUS!”.


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