Right on Time. A true Confirmation and Revelation.

The Power and Presence Ministry

Those that Have Sought Me

The Lord says:

You are My precious children who have sought after Me to know Me, not to receive from My hand but to know My heart and to be able to move in the areas I have called you to.  Your lives have been shaken and it has been an bumpy ride.  You have shed many tears as you have sought Me.  I have seen each tear and heard your every prayer.  Continue in My word.  There is the answer to your cry.  There are layers and layers of revelation available, for those who seek Me with all of their hearts.  

To the arrogant and those who have turned their noses up at My loved ones will be put to shame, for,  have I not said, Love one another, do unto others as you would have them do unto you?  And as you…

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