I hate to see the things you do

to draw attention from your boo.

All he wants is to swell his pride

Come on girl, don’t let him ride.

You’re not the only girl on his list

and when you refuse him, he’ll use his fist

to prove his manhood – he Tarzan you Jane

Not realizing he’s really insane.

But you, my girl must make up your mind

that you want attention, but not that kind.

You are worth much more than know

Come on girl, it’s time to go.

For the man who will love you and treat you right

Is waiting for you – just a little out of sight.

But as long as you keep putting up with that “zero”

You’ll mess around and miss your hero.

So put on some clothes and cover your girth

And say to yourself “I KNOW MY WORTH”.




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