Know Your Worth – A Poem


I want to get out

I want to be free

Why won’t this man

Just let me be?

I’m sick of his constant

attacks on my mind

I wish I had strength

To whoop his behind.

My friends say to leave him

But I’ve nowhere to go

This constant abuse

Makes me feel so low.

If I’m not good enough

Why does he stay?

Since I’m such a bad person

Why won’t he go away?

I know. I allow it

I give him that space

To rant and rage

And to be all up in my face.

I want to tell

But to whom should I speak?

They won’t believe me

They’ll say I’m being weak.

I hope one day

He’ll just let me be

I hope one day

I will truly be free……………

6 thoughts on “Know Your Worth – A Poem”

  1. I have been in this same spot and wondered the same things. Through the help of family I was able to escape. This is very well written and captured my heart. Thank you for sharing

  2. Terry, I am so glad that you got out. Some don’t make it out. It helps to have family who can assist you when you are being abused. I had no family when I was going through it. GOD knew what HE was doing because had my brothers and sisters been in my life at that time, they probably would still be in jail for hurting that man. Your story can help others to get out. I’m sure about it.
    GOD bless you and thank you for liking my postings.

  3. I work as a counselor in a Christian counseling office. I hear words like yours way too often. Until a woman recognizes the power she has to stop the abuse, it will continue. I’m so glad you are sharing your experience. Too many women out there are living in hell, and they think they’re all alone.

    1. This poem is from what I went through some years ago. Thank GOD I’m not living that life now. It WAS hell and I WAS scared to get out but when I got the courage to go, I went and didn’t look back. It took me at least three tries before I finally took that last step and I never looked back. I hope these blogs will indeed help somebody. Thank you, granonine for your comment.

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