Father, as we enter a new day

I bow on my aching knees and pray.

I pray for my body to be healed

and I pray for Your will to be revealed.

I pray for a cure for Lupus

And I pray for Your Spirit to lead us.

I pray for the missing and abused

I pray for the lost and misused.

Father GOD I seek Your love

Your perfect love sent from above.

I seek love and peace on this earth

I pray for the world’s rebirth.

I pray for world hunger to end

I pray for world love to begin.

I pray for the weak to be strong

I pray for that suffering won’t last for long.

I pray Father that You hear this prayer

and my words be not lost in the midst of the air.



4 thoughts on “A POEM A DAY”

  1. Mrs. Scott, you’re a beautiful person and I wish you all what your heart desires and need.
    Be well. *hugs* ~ Michelle

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