I HATE This Disease

I am so weepy this morning because of this debilitating disease known as LUPUS. I hate the fact that my mind is telling me that I am ready to do x, y, and z, but my body is saying, “Ain’t no way we’re doing that, that OR that, today”. I am so angry with myself because I just CAN’T push past this today. I’m in pain from my arms to my legs. My chest is feeling heavy and I feel like I have jetlag. 
What is LUPUS? Please read the following information from the Lupus Foundation of America.

If you pray, please pray for me as I am having a particularly bad day but I do know it will, it will get better.

6 thoughts on “I HATE This Disease”

    1. Hey Shaun. This disease makes me so angry sometimes but then I get over it. It helps to have a venue on which to vent. I’m glad to hear from you. I was following your blog but for some reason, it showed that I wasn’t following you anymore. I’m back to following you now.
      Thanks for your positive thoughts. I’m doing better than I was this morning. GOD bless.

      1. I changed my URL a while back, then had to go refollow people myself.
        On here we have a platform for change and in ourselves also. We have a soap box to tell the world out needs and our pains. You use it well like the rest of us.

        Shaun x

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