The Enemies of My Life ~ What If, and Fear (A Poem A Day – Not about me)

I hate them so much, yet they are a constant in my ear.

Those three hated words ~ “What If” and “Fear”.

I do my best to overcome them and shoo them away

But no matter what I try, they seem to be here to stay!

Like a bad relationship, I wonder what I can do to escape

But every time I try, they’re back in my mind to rape.

They forcefully take away every desire and dream of success

Then leave me in a fetal position, an emotional wreck.

But I continue to allow it

Because, although I hate them with a passion

I don’t know who I’d be without them.

What If and Fear have lived with me for most of my days

so how can I live without them, for real? They’re my craze.

I want a to get away from “What If and Fear”

I want them both to get out of my ear!!!

So tell me friend, what is it that I must do?

Because these three words always make me feel useless and blue.

4 thoughts on “The Enemies of My Life ~ What If, and Fear (A Poem A Day – Not about me)”

  1. you have transformed into a pure heart; the mind plays tricks on us at times….i would humbly suggest to tap in actively and reprogram the mind to seeing the usefulness of this experience and the connection to our renewed spirit….that was then; this is now…we are new; no longer blue.

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