My Three Loves

I was shackled by a heavy burden

‘neath a load of guilt and shame

I lost my three precious loves

and my life would no longer be the same.

See, they were with me when I awoke

but by day’s end, they would be gone

and I would be left a broken mother

I lost my loves, now I was all alone.

It took many years for me to LIVE again.

because great sorrow had me blind

I searched and searched for the one who did this

but for some reason, him I could not find.

But one day, out of the blue, as GOD would have it

I found my three loves again

It wasn’t how I thought it would be

So then my pain did not end.

But I’ve learned to carry my loves in my heart

with each and every beat

I will love my three loves forever and ever

And THAT my loves I declare and decree.


and suddenly my 

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