Life is But A Vapor

As I sat watching

as the machine did the breathing

I thought to myself

“Wow, Life is truly fleeting”.

One minute we here

The next, could be gone

For life is short,

Not really THAT long.

He was just walking around

as if looking into space

Next thing we knew

He’d fallen flat on his face.

He’d had a seizure

Yes, my older brother

He was flopping on the floor

Like a fish out of water.

He couldn’t respond

as my sister called his name.

His body just shook and shook

He didn’t look the same.

So in comes the paramedics

trying to make sense of what they saw

The said, “Mr. Whitney, Mr. Whitney”

But there was no response at all.

So onto the gurney 

they place my brother Carl

And at the hospital we met

To hear the doctor’s call.

Right now it’s just wait and see

We’re still running tests

But we promise you all

For him, we’ll do our very best.

Go home and rest

there’s nothing you can do

If anything changes,

We’ll get a hold of you.

So now I’m here typing

this poem, sad, but so true

I want to go to sleep

But I’m kind of scared to.

I’ll say my prayers

for my brother to live

Because right now

PRAYER is all I can give.

Your sister, TJ


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