The Coward in Boston

For real, my heart is broken for the families who are enduring grief, sorrow, pain and loss of life due to the person who thinks so little of life that they chose to kill some and mame others. COWARDS, I call them. Who gave him/her/them the right to choose when one dies? Who gave him/her/them the right to make a mother grieve the life of her 8 year old and another mother, her 29 year old? Who, you coward, told you it was ok to make bombs that would cause people to lose their limbs? If you were so full of hate, why didn’t you just take yourself out? Why hurt people who have done NOTHING TO YOU? WHY? WHY?

I didn’t know any of the injured or murdered, personally, but my heart is grieving for those who are now enduring that kind of hurt. I prayed for the soul of the individual/individuals who have done this to these families. I have asked GOD to forgive you and to save your soul. I am grieving as if it were my own flesh and blood. How dare you play GOD and take lives. How dare you….

To the families whose lives are forever changed, my prayer for you all is that your broken heart will be healed. My prayer for you is that you can forgive this person who has caused destruction in your lives. 

I’m sorry for the evil which is in this world. I wish I could comfort each and every one of you but I send a cyber hug to you and I’ve sent my prayers to GOD for you. 


Peace and love to you all.


Theresa              Image

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