Time To Step Outside of The Box

I just saw a movie and it has made me think.  Am I happy?  Have I just accepted what life has dealt me?  Am I willing to step outside of the box and do what I, Theresa, want to do or am I spinning my wheels trying to be what others suggested or expect me to be. Y.O.L.O. It’s time for me to LIVE!  IT’S time for me to be real and Live. GOD has given me talent and gifts but, for fear of what others may think, I have HELD BACK, STUCK IN THIS STUPID BOX. Well, I’m about to smash the box and let the debris fall where it may. I am silencing all voices which speak contrary to what I KNOW I SHOULD BE DOING AND WANT TO DO. I AM NOT HAPPY DOING NOTHING. I see now that If I want it, I gotta mske it happen. 

Sucka free.I’m outside of the box. I

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