The Beauty of Gratefulness

God Works Magazine

ImageThere is an undeniable rush from getting it off of your chest. Complaining gives us a way of putting it out there, getting them told, saying exactly what we feel. It makes us feel alive and relieves pressure and pain, allows us to shake it off. Thing is, an emotional outlet is a temporary high and worst yet, only benefits the person venting. Besides, emotions are capricious, unreliable; we will know one thing, but feel something completely different. Complaining may feel good at the onset, but will leave us empty and lacking when it’s all said. To be grateful is indeed another animal.

To be thankful is not necessarily instinctive. We are by nature selfish beings. And if we don’t train our hearts to be grateful, we will live in a state of perpetual needor should I say, never ending want. Most of the times our unthankful attitudes stem from…

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