As I approach a new phase in my life, I find it to be a little frightening. Why? you may ask. Because of the expectation I have, I fear that it won’t meet up. Not because I wasn’t diligent in my part, but because when I have depended on people to come through with their monetary PLEDGE, or just a pledge to help, they continue to back out. It hurts and it’s scary. If I’m not careful, creepy crawlies set in. You know the ones, resentment, bitterness, anger and the most famous one “I’m gonna get you back for this” one. LOL
When I look at this thing in the natural, that’s when the fear comes busting in like a battering ram and the nervousness jumps on board to add insult to injury. Also, fear and nervousness have another buddy and his name is emotional wreck. Yup! That’s the friend who frantically is checking to see if things are ok, but then sits down and thinks about how close I am to “it” and then start crying. Oh boy. The water works come and then I’m no good. Just weepy at the slightest word. That’s funny.
This new phase in my life could turn into something bigger than I ever thought it to be. My other fear (because I have already experienced it) is that I will never have people to help me with my dreams, visions and plans. It’s so funny how people want you to jump on their bandwagon and support them (which I have), but then when it’s my time, the excuses pour in like a monsoon. They don’t even consider the fact of how they felt when the shoe was on their foot. How soon they forget.
This new phase in my life is going to demand TOTAL dependence on GOD. TOTAL Trust in GOD, and cutting off those who are weights, naysayers and dream killers. I’ve trusted GOD before, now I have to TRUST HIM more because no matter what, GOD never, ever has failed me. All failings have come from me.
So, as I approach this new phase of my life, although afraid of the unknown, I embrace it With that said, I will most gladly do what I know GOD has called me to do. I will do those conferences for Women Broken/Women Whole. I will continue to do blogging and vlogging to encourage young women to know their worth. I will continue to work on my book until it is completed, and anything else that I am destined to do, I AM DETERMINED to get it done. I bless the name of JESUS because I just encouraged myself. I feel like I can run though troops now. I feel like my true HELP has come. Thank You GOD for that!

Look out World…….I’m coming out! with JESUS.Image

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