Women, Know Your Worth

It still amazes me how some women think their body parts are their worth. I have seen pictures and real life women walking around with almost nothing on. Breasts hanging out; shorts so short that you can almost see what they were born with ~ leaving absolutely NOTHING to the imagination. These same women make it a point to have hair all the way down to their behinds, eyelashes that look like spiders live on their eyes, and fingernails longer than a ruler. I know they have the right to dress and dress up how they choose, but women, I encourage you to KNOW YOUR WORTH.
Usually, men who see women dressed provocatively or scantily, only want you for one thing and that’s sex. They don’t usually value you as a person. They don’t usually care what’s on your mind. They don’t usually care that you have feelings and you want to be loved. All a lot of them want is what you are advertising and then when they get finished using you for a sperm dumping ground, they discard YOU and move on to the next one.
Women, It’s ok to be classy vs. trashy. It’s ok to dress nice without revealing all of your body parts. The right man will come along but you have to give him something that he would like to see. There are still some decent men on the planet.
So women, think about this: if a man can’t get at you if you are dressed conservatively, then maybe that man doesn’t need you. You are so much more than a roll in the hay. Women, you are so much more than a piece of meat. Women, you are so much more than a late-night booty call. Know your worth and make sure others know your worth.

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