Women, KNOW Your Worth!!!

I was looking at an article today about a tv “star” who apparently does NOT know her worth. She seems to think her worth is found in doing porn and in enlarging her boobs……to get the desired attention she is seeking.

This saddens me as I keep trying to stress that we, women, are not our boobs, hips and bottoms. If that is all a man is interested in, then please send him to the nearest chicken joint to get his appetite satisfied.

This young woman was so pretty without all of the extra stuff she is doing to her body, but the demands of Hollywood has caused her to try to impress men so she can make her porn career better. It’s sad that a woman WANTS to be know for being a porn star. I feel like finding her, wrapping my arms around her and tell her that she worth more than being looked at as a piece of meat or as a whore. 
Young women, YOU ARE NOT just good for hard penis. You have a brain. Please use it. Please don’t let porn or any other ungodly practices be your motivation. Porn, while it may pay good money, it opens the door for sexually transmitted diseases. Porn, while it may pay good money, could prevent you from getting a job later in life because once something goes viral, there’s no getting rid of it. Porn, for what it’s worth, is a degrading profession meant to cheapen the value of a woman. I know that for those who like porn, this sounds preachy and judgmental, but as a woman, I know that a woman is worth more than what is between her legs and how good she can give a blow job. I know that a woman is worth more than being passed around from man to man to get his pleasure, but for a woman who doesn’t know her worth, being a porn star is glamorous. 
Young women, know your worth! 
As I sat yesterday, looking out a window, I saw many women pass me by. Some were mothers. Some were single women with no children at all. They lived in the project and I tell you what, the woman who respects herself and decides to separate herself from the crowd, she is hated and ridiculed. The woman who dresses without exposing her body parts is considered Not cool or frigid/rigid. The woman who is not looking for the attention of men, she is looked upon as stupid. while on the other hand, the young woman who is out there baring her boobs, and wearing booty shorts, she is praised and accepted. The guys don’t like it when she dresses conservatively. They want to see body parts, and most of the women in that complex oblige the lustful, just want to get laid, men. This is young and old alike. 
Women, know your worth. If you aren’t worth having their last name, you shouldn’t give them your goodies. especially knowing that they are laying with other women who don’t know their worth. 
I know that I look at things from a different perspective and not all women know who they are, but if you don’t remember anything from this post, remember this: WOMEN, KNOW YOUR WORTH!


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