Once A Believer, Holiness Is NOT An Option

In this year of 2013, I find it alarming that a lot of people who are claiming to be Born Again Believers think it is OPTIONAL to live holy lives. Many seem to think that they can serve GOD on their terms, as if they are the Creator and GOD is the CREATED. It is time for a true, serious introspection.

GOD, throughout the Bible, talks about HIS people being HOLY. HE said, “Be Ye Holy” Why? “Because I AM HOLY”. There is no other explaination needed. Be Ye Because I AM.

I’ve had conversations with people and they tell me that Holiness doesn’t require self-denial. Holiness to some just means going to church on Sunday and/or whatever night Bible Study happens to be on. Some think that Holiness just means to abstain from certain activities but Holiness is a lifestyle. Holiness means to live a life that is pleasing to GOD. Holiness means to go against the grain, so to speak. To live holy means to love what GOD loves and to hate what GOD hates. Now I am not saying that we are to hate any group of people. Please be clear on that. What I AM saying is that if GOD speaks against it in the Bible, we should be against it, as believers. 
I know this is not a popular message, but HOLINESS, for the Believer, is NOT an option! It never was and it never shall be. 

GOD wants there to be a distinction between HIS people and the people who denounce HIM. There should be a difference in the way we look, talk, and live. We should be light to all darkness. We should be the right when wrong presents itself. We must be the good when evil is present. We must be the salt that seasons the world. 
The only way for a true believer to be holy is to understand what true holiness is. Holiness is not based on women wearing long dresses and wearing their hair in a bun. It is the condition of the heart. We obtain holiness by forging a relationship with the Creator through prayer and study of HIS WORD.
There are many out there who will think this post to be preposterous simply because they don’t believe the Bible. Some don’t even believe there is a GOD but I do! I believe because I have seen the power of GOD in my life. I have seen GOD do miracles for me and for others. I have seen and therefore I believe and because of that, I strive to live HOLY as unto the LORD. 
So, let us ponder this:


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