The Joys and Sorrows of Ministry

When I look into the eyes of hurting women, I want to grab them, hug them and say, “I love you but GOD loves you best”. I want to say, “I feel your pain and I see your suffering and I’m here to help”.

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman at the Well - by Guernico - Wikimedia Commons
Jesus and the Samaritan Woman at the Well – by Guernico – Wikimedia Commons

There is so much that goes with ministry. It’s more than giving out personal items. It’s more than teaching and giving the Word of GOD. It’s a HEART thing. I see those women, how they use substances to cope. It’s not about judging them, it’s about feeling their pain and understanding the what and the why of HOW they got where they are now. For most, it didn’t happen overnight. It was a circumstance, a situation, some form of trauma that got them to the point of having to live in a shelter. Granted, some are there because of making bad decisions, but most are there due to some physical or psychological trauma.

As the team was performing a praise dance and skit, some of the women couldn’t help themselves. They cried. They saw themselves in need of a Savior. They saw that, without the help of the LORD, they would keep falling back into the same things that got them where they are. My GOD from heaven! The pain……The hopelessness….The anger…..The feeling of being alone……All in the same room at the same time…Overwhelming.

They were hungry for more. They seemed to want more of GOD. They asked for prayer. Some asked for salvation. Even the little ones were seeking prayer and asking questions. What a joy to see the little ones seeking prayer….seeking GOD. What a joy.  Then, reality set in…  We were there for a couple of hours. We had to depart and leave them there.

I awoke with tears this morning. I had lots of things on my mind and was wishing I could do more for these broken women, wishing I had a home for them. GOD knows…

But these women are the ones we need to be seeing to. The Bible tells us to go out to the highway and hedges and compel them to come in. Many WON’T come in but we sure can take it, the GOSPEL and GOD’S LOVE, to them.

Being in ministry is more than standing in a man-made building, behind a man-made pulpit, preaching to people who have already heard the GOSPEL or the GOOD NEWS. Ministry means to SERVE, not to wait for someone to serve you.

I love ministry. I love to see GOD healing the hearts of people. It makes everything else seem not so bad when I can minister, and I thank GOD for the opportunities HE gives me to serve HIM by serving others. I love GOD. Yes I do.

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