We’ve ALL Been Commissioned To LOVE ~ Like GOD

Could you imagine GOD not loving you? Could you imagine GOD not caring for you? I can’t. Matthew 25 is a chapter that the Body of Christ should read repeatedly in Sunday services, in Bible Study and in prayer meetings. It is simply talking about loving one another.

We know a very familiar Scripture in 1 Corinthians 13 which talks about Love ~ the GOD kind of love. Although many have read and quoted this scripture, few live by it. How can I make such a brazen statement? Because I have seen how people treat one another. I have seen people who claim to love GOD whom they have not seen but turn their backs on their fellow man. I have seen people take tithes, offerings, and “gifts of love” to the church but watch a beggar on the street go hungry. I have seen brothers and sisters in Christ judge one another based on their financial status, skin color, denominational preference and sexual orientation. I will admit that I, too, have sat in the seat of judgment but GOD has opened my once closed eyes and has shown me the way of LOVE and has shown me that we ALL have been commissioned to LOVE.

LOVE does not condemn another, even when they fall short.
LOVE does not refuse to help another when it is in their power to help.
Love does not discriminate.
LOVE does not pray prayers of hate towards another person.

How can we SAY we love GOD whom we have NEVER SEEN but refuse to help those whom we see every day? How can we EXPECT GOD to love us but we go on every day picking and choosing whom to SHOW LOVE to?

As I read Matthew 25, my heart aches because I know that I could do more. I know that if I had the resources, I would scoop up the homeless and put them in a HOME. Not a shelter, as shelters go, but in a HOME. If I had the proper resources, I would have a team of people on the streets EVERY DAY, with food trucks, FEEDING THE HUNGRY AND HOMELESS – for FREE. I know that if I had the proper financial resources, I would send gifts of love to every homeless shelter: personal hygiene items, sheets/blankets/pillows, washcloths/towels, clothes and food. My GOD, this is LOVE.

I realize GOD has commissioned people to do different things for HIM, but WE ALL HAVE BEEN COMMISSIONED TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER, for how do we know what LOVE can do for a person? Showing LOVE could change a life, could stop a suicide, could stop a rape. Showing GOD’s LOVE could prevent a murder or could stop a drug addict from taking that next hit.

Some people say LOVE IS blind
But the Bible says LOVE IS KIND.


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