My, How Times Have Changed

I no longer recognize the world in which I live. When I was a child, things were so much different. I understand that things change over time, but things have REALLY changed. I remember when the produce man and the fish man would come around the neighborhood and sell their food. I remember when the neighbors helped raise the children on the block. We looked out for each other. If one neighbor was without, the neighborhood would rally together and help them out. If a person was sick, the neighbors would help them by providing soup and medicines, without grumbling, murmuring or complaining. If a neighbor didn’t have a television or phone, neighbors who had those things would offer them to those who didn’t have them. People spoke to one another when they entered a place. Folk in the same house said good morning and good night. We communicated with each other. We ate meals at the table at the same time. We played games together and really enjoyed life. It’s 2013 and it sounds like I’m telling a story from another world. My how times have changed.
Back then, children were not so quick to be disrespectful to their elders. School teachers were not afraid of the students. Parents were parents to their children, not friends. Back then, parents were not 13, 14, 15, and 16 year old (not in my time). People didn’t “shack up”, and if they did, they didn’t flaunt it. 
Pastors went to their members’ homes to check on them and pray for them. Television was clean. Music was clean. It was an entirely different world. 
I can’t imagine how somebody from the 1920’s would react to seeing just how much this world has changed – cars, mega planes, mega buses, gigantic grocery stores, mega malls and mega churches……I wonder what they would think about today’s world.

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