Beauty in Creation

What a beautiful reminder of our GOD and HIS awesome wonders. Keep writing.

The Living Message of Christ

Have you every noticed the sun rise? Many people don’t because they don’t wake up early enough. The problem with sleeping in is that you don’t get to see the most beautiful part of the day. Of course, there is always sunset, which depending on the weather can be just as beautiful but usually with different colors. The time in between those two, the sky is blue for the most part depending on the weather. Every time that we notice the sky, the colors and the things that we notice about it all have to do with the weather. If it is stormy in the morning or evening, then the sky is usually red and purple or a variation of those two colors. If it is about to snow or rain, then mostly what we see is the gray clouds and the haze which comes with them.

Creation is…

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