Prayer is a Lifeline To GOD

ImagePrayer is a lifeline to GOD. I don’t have to go to another person to get to GOD. I can fall on my knees, or sit in my chair, or lay prostrate on the floor. I could be driving, cooking or washing dishes and still use my lifeline of prayer to talk to GOD.
I know that sometimes, life happens and it seems tough but when I go to GOD in prayer, the roughness seems to fade away.

I know that GOD hears my prayers, when I go to HIM in sincerity. I know that GOD is willing and ready to answer my prayers, I just have to go to HIM, cast my cares upon HIM and allow HIM to help me do what I need HIM to help me to do.

I thank GOD for my lifeline called prayer. It is an essential part of life.
A songwriter wrote, Image“…Oh what griefs we often forfeit; Oh what needless pain we bear; all because we do not carry everything to GOD in prayer”. (See link for information about the writer and composer of song What A Friend We Have In JESUS):

So I encourage you to use your lifeline of prayer to GOD. He Loves us and is ready to show us HIS love by answering our prayers.


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