I was working at the gas company one day and I just sat there and observed people as the came in. In particular, I was looking at their footwear. Some had on sandals, some had dress shoes, while many who came in had on sneakers…you know, the ones with the “Just Do It” logo. They were in many different colors, sizes and styles. Rather nice looking footwear. However, most of those same people who had on the expensive “Just Do It” footwear were the same people who were standing in line trying to get their gas turned back on or trying to get on a low payment budget program. Does anybody see anything wrong with this picture? 
PRIORITIES. How you gonna ask to be on a budget payment plan when you’re rocking one of the highest costing sneakers out there? At the least, come in with a pair of old sneakers and ask to be on a budget plan.
What does this have to do with Out Of A Pure Heart Ministries? Nothing at all but it made me thing about PRIORITIES.  Some people would rather look good vs paying their bills. Now it’s about to be cold and they need heat so they want the gas company to give them a break. Did they ask the “Just Do It” people to give them a break on the price of their sneakers? I think not and even if they did, the “Just Do It” people would not have even entertained the idea of giving them a break.
In the Christian world, we have not always gotten our priorities right, either. When we should be praying, we are looking at television, on the phone or doing something else. When we should be reading/meditating on the Word of GOD, we are doing other things. Why? Priorities. What really matters? What is more important? 
My prayer:
Father GOD, help me to get my priorities right. I know I have to work to make money to pay bills and to get things I need and want, but GOD, I want You to be my number 1 priority.  In Jesus’ Name. AMEN


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