3 thoughts on “Be Encouraged ~ Isaiah 41:10”

  1. Chaos and destruction will still happen no matter how much we pray. But that’s where the purification process is. You cannot be purified unless you are tested worthy for the purification.

  2. This morning when I was watching the news and saw this I could not believe my ears. Then when I got to work one of the ladies I was talking to was telling me that she was a government contractor and she was off because of the shutdown. She told me she hopes that it doesn’t take long.

    It is a shame that it happen for it will effect thousands of people, many of them won’t even get pay some will only get it for six weeks. if it goes longer then that what are these people doing to do?

    We must continue to pray about this sis…One thing we can say is that it never caught the Lord by surprised He saw it coming…

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