Where is The Love?

Bowels of compassion seem to be shut
for those who stand in need.
We judge, make decisions not to help
because we think this person may have done something to place themselves in situation by not “taking care of business”. 

It saddens me to see how those who call themselves “Christians”
turn a deaf ear to their sisters or brothers who ask for help because they NEED help. I saddens to see how we pick and choose whom to help, but when WE stand in need, want the world to help and then complain when the help is not there.

Where is the Love?

It’s sad that people won’t help UNLESS they get a REWARD for helping…..won’t help unless they are going to get something in return. Even with the 501 c 3; it’s there so people CAN help, but ENSURING THAT THEY WILL GET A TAX WRITE-OFF.

Where is the cheerful giving? Where is the LOVE? Where are the bowels of compassion?

Many people have given up hope with the “church” because they have gone to churches seeking help only to be told “no” because they are not a member of that particular church family. Where is the Love? Where are the bowels of compassion? Where is the charity spoken of in 1 Corinthians 13?

What good is it to preach to those who are hungry and homeless if you don’t show the love of the GOD you are preaching about? How is it helping the person who is crying, searching for help and there is none from the very ones who SAY they love GOD and even SAY they love you?

LOVE is an ACTION WORD. LOVE does. LOVE gives. Where is the love?



I am asking GOD to bless me with money to help those in need. No discrimination. No judgment. I just want to help. I’ve been homeless and hungry and have experienced the slaps in the face. I’ve experienced the “church” telling me NO because I wasn’t a member of that particular church. I’ve experienced the judgments of people who determined that I wasn’t worthy of help. Oh GOD, please help me so that I can help others. Please give me witty inventions so that I can bless others who stand in need. 

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