Women, Teach Your Daughters Their Worth!!!


In the disturbing video attached to the link above, there is obviously an adult female who is videotaping these elementary school girls as they “twerk”. I am completely against this and feel as though this adult is teaching these girls the wrong values. She is teaching these girls that their worth is in their booties. These young girls are learning how to pop their booties and this could easily lead to promiscuity at a very young age. 

Women, please teach your daughters, female neighbors, nieces, female cousins, etc that their worth is NOT in their booties. Teach them to get an education so that they can get a great career later on in life. Show them this video and let them know that this could follow them all of their lives as things tend to go viral and will remain on video forever. We don’t want to let little girls think that it is ok for them to be shaking their booties just because celebrities are doing it and not being raped or molested. Remember this: celebrities have security following them around so they are being protected. 

Unfortunately, if you, woman, don’t know your worth, I can’t expect you to teach these young girls their worth. Instead of showing them videos or putting them in videos where they are “twerking”, show them some videos of positive young children who are making a difference. Show them videos of young children getting into college at early ages. Show them that they, too, can be someone who can make a difference. 

This was no dance class. This was just somebody who decided to gather some girls and get them to shaking their booties and then post it to a social media site for all types of people to see.


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