My Lesson From Cleaning My Oven

ImageThis morning, I had a burst of energy out of nowhere. I got up and mopped the entire apartment – THIS, all before I had my cup of coffee. 
So, after I mopped the floors, I proceeded to clean the bathroom. It’s small so that wasn’t a big deal. After that, I thought I was done but I go into the kitchen to get my cup of coffee when I made the choice to open the oven door and see how dirty it was in there. Now, I had just cleaned the oven about a month ago and I had a very hard time doing it. However, today, I had supernatural strength to do it, and do it completely from my wheelchair. 
I started out looking at the stove and at first, I felt completely defeated because it was a true challenge (just looking at it). I sprayed the oven cleaner in it and closed the oven door, deciding that I would go back later and clean it. However, I started looking at the stove and realized that there was some other cleaning that needed to be done. Some of the cleaning was not visible to the eye of a person who may come by to visit because for the most part, my stove stays clean, but it was the side of the stove and behind the knobs that needed cleaning. When I pulled off the knobs, I found yucky grease. Thick, yellow grease. It was hidden, so I didn’t know it was there. The side of the stove, well, I never look at it unless I drop something near it. When I looked at it this morning, I saw grease and dirt. I felt ashamed because I consider myself an excellent housekeeper. So, after I got over the shame, I cleaned the side of the stove and then I took off each knob and cleaned them, making sure to get each nook and cranny. I cleaned the frame where the knobs sit, making sure to get all of the grease that was caked up.
Then it was time to move on to the inside of the oven. Lord, You gave me strength to do this so I am going to do it for your glory. I am going to make this oven clean so You will be proud of me and if anybody comes in here, I won’t have to be embarrassed, not that anybody would come here to scrutinize my stove/oven…lol. 
I began the process of cleaning the oven. I was slightly intimidated because I was doing the cleaning from my wheelchair and I felt that I couldn’t do an adequate job. I huffed and puffed while trying to bend and lean into the oven to scrub it with my shiny scrubbing sos-like pad. The stains were stuck on pretty hard and it seemed like I was going to have a difficult time trying to do a good job of cleaning the oven. However, I told the stain that I won’t be defeated and that I was not going to leave until the oven was clean. I had made up my mind that it was going to take some scrubbing and some perseverance to get that big, hard stain, but I was determined. I leaned into that oven with a strong desire to defeat the stain. I won. I did it. After about 30 minutes, the big intimidating stain was GONE!!! I felt victorious. However, there were some smaller stains that were more trouble to get off than the big stain. Those stains, though smaller, posed a bigger problem for me because I had to scrub harder and longer. I was not going to be defeated so I scrubbed and scrubbed. The stain got smaller and smaller but guess what, There was a piece of that stain that just would not budge. No matter how hard I scrubbed, that stain would not budge and guess what? That little stain is still there. I felt defeated by that one little stubborn stain, but then the Lord started speaking to me. He said, “Sometimes it takes a little longer to get rid of a stain that has been burned on. The big stain was not a problem for you to get rid of and that’s good but now let me help you get rid of this stain, this problem, this thing that seems so hard to get rid of. It’s not as hard as it seems, but it is going to take more than this one time to get rid of it. Relax and when it’s time to get rid of it, you will see how easy it will be. Don’t try to force it because in your forcing it, you could mess it up. (See when I try to get off a real hard stain, I will use a knife or other instrument and it does scar the surface). I don’t want to leave you with more scars so don’t try to scrape it. Don’t try to scrub it anymore. I’ll help you take care of it. Just give it some more time. When it’s time, that stain, just like the others, will be gone too.”

I felt satisfied. I felt like GOD understands that I want to be clean inside and out….clean from any hard stain that may still remain. I realize that some things are easy for me to overcome, while some things are not and that even in that, GOD has let me know that I can relax and allow HIM to help me to get rid of the “stain”. The stain in the oven is small. I’m the one stressing to get it out. I couldn’t but it doesn’t mean I’m defeated. It just means that when it’s time to get it out, it will be out. 
Wow. Wow. Wow. 
I’m looking for my next level of cleansing. I know that I am clean because of the Blood of JESUS, but I also know that there is a little more of me that needs to be cleaned up….Some things I have held on to that just need to go, but GOD will help me in HIS time and the result will be great!

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