Newness of Life

Newness of Life

This morning, I was doing my hair and I knew that I needed to take time to talk to my Heavenly Father. I’ve been feeling “out of the loop” for some time, especially and most specifically since I had to endure 3 1/2 months of excruciating pain in my right hip due to a spontaneous laboral tear.
However, this morning as I talked to my spiritual Father, Yahweh God, I wanted to come OUT of this place of pain, sadness, uncertainty, and yes, even fear.
I was going through the motions of being happy, but it was just a facade. For 3 1/2 months, I had been living a secret lonely, sad, fearful life but I acted as if ALL WAS WELL, but this morning, my SPIRITUAL FATHER, YAHWEH, breathed the BREATH OF LIFE into me. I read the Scriptures and then the Holy Spirit led me to an article about Lo Debar and I tell you I have been blessed. See, Lo Debar is a place of “no word” and “no life”. I had been living there for 3 1/2 months. I was “out of my rightful position” but was expecting to gain spiritual and earthly possession that I thought was due to me, being a child of the Most High. However, I wasn’t receiving because I was out of position! This morning, I have been moved back into my spiritual position and now I am waiting to receive my spiritual and natural possessions. Glory to YAHWEH, my Spiritual Father, my Heavenly Father! It feels GREAT to be back!

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