Why Can’t We All Worship Together ~ July 21. 2014

Yesterday I had a talk with a childhood friend as we were waiting for a gospel concert to start. It went like this:

Her: “I went to church today”.

Me: That’s good. Why didn’t you call me. I might have gone. Where did you go?

Her: “I went to so and so A.M.E. Church”

Me: Oh. Then I’m glad you didn’t call because I can’t do A.M.E.

Her: “Why?”

Me: Because I don’t like the way they have service. I’ll never be A.M.E.

Her: “What’s the difference? Can’t you worship God anywhere, at any church?”

Me: (looking kind of dumb) Yes, I guess, but I just don’t like their style. I used to be COGIC (Church of God In Christ) and they are completely different.

Her: “Ok. You gotta go where you feel comfortable”.

After we finished that part of the conversation, I felt really bad and then I knew what I was going to write about today. Why CAN’T We All Worship Together?

I often say this: “Heaven is NOT segregated. There will be no A.M.E., COGIC, PAW, BAPTIST, SOUTHERN BAPTIST, AME ZION, CATHOLIC, JEWISH, NON-DENOMINATIONAL (which, sadly, has become a denomination), etc. There will be no segregation based on religious preference, race/creed/color preference, gender preference, or age”.

I have not read anywhere in the Bible where it tells me that heaven nor the New Jerusalem will be segregated. There will be LOVE ~ PURE LOVE of YAHWEH GOD. ALL WILL WORSHIP HIM WITHOUT CHECKING TO SEE WHAT DENOMINATION IS PREDOMINATE BECAUSE THERE WILL BE NONE.

I, like the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., have a dream:

I have a dream, that before our Savior Yahshua (Jesus) comes back for the CHURCH, that the body of CHRIST will come together in UNITY to Worship the True and Living God – YAHWEH!
I have a dream, that denominational borders/barriers will be torn down and we will be on ONE ACCORD like they were in the Book of Acts (chapters 1-2). See, for when they were on one accord in one place, the Holy Ghost came and filled them. They spoke the same thing, waited for the same thing (Holy Ghost)……and THEN They received POWER! Glory to God.
I have a dream, that racial divides will be destroyed so that ALL PEOPLE, of every nation on this earth, WILL COME TOGETHER AND LIFT UP THE NAME OF YAHSHUA!
I have a dream, 
 that we will come together on one accord and SOULS WILL BE SAVED, PEOPLE WILL BE HEALED, PEOPLE WILL BE DELIVERED FROM ADDICTIONS AND STRONGHOLDS! Oh glory to Yahweh God!!! I have a dream.

So I wrote this post because I believe in those dreams I posted above. I am going to change MY thinking about denominational division and become an AGENT OF UNITY…..HALLELUJAH!!!!



3 thoughts on “Why Can’t We All Worship Together ~ July 21. 2014”

  1. i dream of that day too. when we all worship together, just us and God and no religion to dictate us who’s right and who’s wrong.

  2. To me, words like denomination and dogma are the signs of divisions that have their origins in the inconsistencies and contradictions in the Bible. This means that people have not been listening to God, to hear His interpretation of these controversial passages. Having said that, God has clearly known in advance the problems that those passages would bring, thus it follows that is His will for these divisions to come about. I really don’t know why, but experience suggests that there is more than one reason. Many of the divisions have had their origins in the leadership of churches, or in certain influential members of a particular church, where these individuals have taken a new slant on one of these problem passages and their new interpretation has been unacceptable to others, causing people either to leave voluntarily, or be compelled to leave by the leadership.
    In regard to worship, I’m by your side, because I love to worship. Sadly it is almost two years since I have had the opportunity to worship alongside those with whom I love to worship. One particular delight was to see an 80+yr old Jamaican lady who used to shout in praise and speak in tongues; she really knew how to worship, although some seemed to regard her as crazy. Perhaps she was, crazy in love with God.

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