If I Were God…

One day I thought about being God. I thought about what I would change if I were God. Here is a list I came up with:

1. There would be no hunger/homelessness. I don’t blame God for the hunger/homeless problems in the world. I think that we as a people, if we would become unified and walk in LOVE, the hunger/homeless issue would not be as great as it is. I believe that if the vast number of churches would put their efforts into helping the community where their church is, that the hunger/homeless problem would drastically go down. I also think that if the government would allot more funding to the hunger/homeless issues, first in our own country and then abroad, instead of spending vast amounts of money to fight other peoples’ wars or problems, the hunger/homeless issue would drastically go down.homeless

2. There would be no murder. I don’t blame God for the murder problems going on. I believe murder is a result of mind issues and the lack of love. Too many people feel as if they have the right to take another life, and many do it without remorse. Most murders are senseless, undeserved, and unwarranted.murder

3. There would be no division of humankind due to race.I don’t blame God for racism. I truly believe it is a condition of the “heart”. I am a minority and I feel like we should be progressing in the “race wars” rather than digressing. ALL HUMANS MATTER, regardless of the color of their skin. I HATE HATE!!!racism

4. There would be no diseases. I don’t blame God for these diseases. I believe food tampering has a lot to do with the growing numbers of diseases all over the world. I also believe that some diseases are hereditary. So many people are suffering from a vast variety of disease (mental/physical). I would eradicate them all and nobody would suffer.sickness

This is a short list, but this is my thought process right now. I don’t blame God for anything that is going on in the world. I do, sometimes, wonder why HE allows the bad things to take place. Then I reason with myself and say that if GOD did MAKE humans behave, we would be nothing more than robots.

As humans, we make choices – good or bad. As humans, we have free will/choice and we do what we want to do, most of time not even consulting God on anything.

I am glad God is God. He is merciful, loving, just and kind. Although some don’t share this mindset with me, I KNOW HIM to be that and more. Yes, it saddens me to see hunger/homelessness, murder, disease, racism, hate, etc, but I love GOD and I don’t blame HIM. My thoughts just let me know that there is MORE that I need to do and BE THE CHANGES I WANT TO SEE.

Happy New Year EVERYBODY!!!

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