Live On. We Can’t Change The Past

NOW I have a better understanding of why things ARE

Instead of what I hoped them to be.

Sometimes we want what we want But I just want to be a loving family.

Nobody is to blame

And we can’t change the past

But what we CAN do now Is to walk in love

and make that last.

Maybe everything didn’t go right

In fact, to us, a lot went wrong

But what’s the point of singing

The “I wish it was different” song?

If things could have been different

I’m sure they would have been

But things were what they were

And all we can do now is keep livin.

Would I change the past, if I could?

My answer would be “Yes”

But I can’t, so I won’t fret

And I won’t live my life full of stress.

Because, if the truth be told

things could have been even worse.

Even though you may feel like

On your life there was a curse.

While you’re complaining about the past

Think on the things that were good.

Because things would have been different

Yes, Different if it could.

(A poem by T. J. Theresa Jeanette Scott 4-11-15)

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