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Women, Know Your Worth ~ B****

I just had to express my feelings on this, once again. It disturbs me when I hear females referring to themselves as “bitches”. It’s one thing for someone else to say it, but when YOU demean yourself by proudly proclaiming that you are a “bitch“, then I see that as a problem.

These young women whom I see and hear proudly proclaiming their “bitchiness” as a good thing, are opening the door for others to call them that and treat them as such. Not only are they SPEAKING this out of their mouths, they are PROUDLY proclaiming it on social media and then wonder why they can’t get a decent job or a decent man. They actually wonder why no REPUTABLE employer will follow-up with them or why they can’t get a good man. REALLY? 

Women, how do you expect men, other women, employers and others to respect you when you don’t respect yourself? Being a self-proclaimed “b****” should NOT be a badge of honor for any “self-respecting” woman. Ooops. That sounds like an oxymoron. What is so good about being known as a “b****”? Does it mean that you’re tough? Does it mean that wearing that title makes you one to be feared? What DOES it mean, for real?
There are ways to let people know that you won’t take any mess without you demeaning yourself by calling yourself a “b****”.

So women, WAKE UP!!! KNOW YOUR WORTH!!! Change your words and change your life.