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Women, Know Your Worth! If He Will Cheat With You, He Will Cheat On You! 7-30-13

I just recently had the opportunity to observe some women at a company where I was working. One woman in particular, stood out. On certain days of the week, she would wear provocative clothing. At first I didn’t catch on, but as the weeks went by, I noticed that on the days she dressed provocatively, she was dressing for her “secret lover”, a particular male employee who only came to our location on those days. They were having an affair! “That’s not bad”, you say. Well this woman is MARRIED! Her husband comes to the job site and visits and when he is about to leave, they have this big PDA (public display of affection). They tell each other “I love you” and then as soon as the husband leaves, she would run back over to her secret lover and they would kiss ~ right in front of the other employees. She seemed oblivious to the fact that her co-workers were disgusted by her actions.

This woman does not know her worth and neither does the man whom she is having an affair with. What gets me is that the lover knows the husband but yet and still, he goes behind this man’s back and lays with his wife. 

This woman, as beautiful as she is, had three violations:
#1 She violated one of the items in the employee handbook which clearly states that there shall be no sexual contact between employees while at work and it is strongly suggested that sexual relationships be avoided altogether.

#2 She violated her marriage vows. I don’t know if her husband is having an affair or not. What I do know is that she showed such PDA with her husband and then started kissing on another man as soon as her husband left the building. 

#3 She violated herself by lowering her self-respect. She didn’t care who knew she was having an affair with this man whom I consider less than a man because he knew she was married and knew who she was married to.

This woman, because of her lust, could have very well lost her job. I don’t know if that is in going to happen, but there have definitely been some changes at the job because of her behavior. Yes she still wears seductive clothes when her lover is at the site, but she no longer is allowed to sit with or near him during working hours.

Women, KNOW YOUR WORTH. If a man will cheat WITH you, chances are, he WILL CHEAT ON YOU!