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If LOVE Abounded…..

LOVE means different things to different people. For some, LOVE is a feeling that changes depending upon the situation going on. To others, LOVE see’s no evil, speaks no evil, hears no evil. Then again, to some, LOVE means that I have to beat you up to show you how much I LOVE you. Well, LOVE should not hurt. LOVE should not seek to destroy. LOVE can dislike certain behaviors, but still LOVE the person.
I have personally seen people claim to LOVE but then use that person whom they LOVE so much as a punching bag. How, I ask, is that LOVE? How can you hurt, physically, the one you LOVE? How can you punch, slap, throw down on the ground, kick, cut, and/or shoot the one you LOVE? Please tell me WHERE IS LOVE IN THAT?

LOVE agree’s to disagree. LOVE forgives. LOVE helps, NOT hurts. 




Don’t try to use the “tough love” excuse to abuse someone. That’s not LOVE. Tough LOVE is putting somebody in rehab because they keep abusing themselves and others. Tough LOVE is telling somebody the truth because you see them heading in the wrong direction and you’re trying to keep them from danger. Sometimes, tough LOVE means walking away.

AMERICA needs to turn back to LOVE. 

If LOVE would abound, there wouldn’t be so much divorce. LOVE would cause one to have control of their vessel and do the right thing. If you LOVE me, you wouldn’t cheat on me and if I LOVE you, I wouldn’t cheat on you. 
If LOVE abounded, there wouldn’t be murder, rape, child abuse, molestation, stealing and character assassination. Where is the LOVE IN THAT?

If LOVE abounded, there would be no racism. If LOVE abounded, there would be no hate crimes against those who are different from us.

If LOVE abounded, people could argue or disagree and come back together as if nothing happened.

If LOVE abounded, there would be no welfare because people would be helpers of one another. If LOVE abounded, people wouldn’t try to use others.

If LOVE abounded, there wouldn’t be as many homeless people on the streets. 

If LOVE abounded, prisons wouldn’t be.

If LOVE abounded……

I Co-Wrote A Book – Part 3

So, as I was writing my chapter for the book “Dear Lord, I Married The Wrong Person – HER STORY“, I had a chance to reflect on the turmoil I had actually gone through with that man. I remembered how I KNEW he was lying about doing drugs and sleeping with other women to get drugs, but he would come home after two or three days and sweet talk me and I would let him back in – to live like everything was ok.

I remembered how this man would look me in my face and convince ME that the reason he was on drugs was MY FAULT. Get this: HE WAS ON DRUGS BEFORE I EVER MET HIM!! But because I didn’t want him to leave me, I allowed him to tell me that it was my fault and I found myself apologizing to him for making him so miserable that he wanted and needed to do drugs.

I also remembered how he used to steal my money. I would go to work while he sat home. I worked long hours every day. While I was at work, he was scheming on how to get my money. I would hide the money in various locations in the house and he would find it. I don’t til this day, know how he would find the money, but he did. When he would steal it, I would ask him why and he told me HE HAD TO STEAL it because I wouldn’t GIVE IT to him.

See, I was his enabler. I was co-dependent. I was so afraid of rejection or abandonment that I put up with his crap. I didn’t want to be alone. I didn’t want another failed relationship. Why can’t I just be happy? Why can’t my man love me enough to leave the drugs alone? Wasn’t I good enough? Wasn’t I worth loving? I couldn’t bear the thought of not being woman enough to keep a man, even a drug-addicted man. Darn!!! I MUST BE ugly, not good for anything. I MUST BE worthless and undeserving of love.

So against my better judgment, I stayed with him. I tried to trick him into going to rehab. I tried to bribe him into rehab. I even tried to get him to go to marriage counselling with me but he would not budge. I felt defeated. I felt like a loser. This just made me feel worse about myself. This just made me rehearse the words I had heard as a child: “You’re worthless. You’ll never be anything. Nobody in their right mind will ever want you. You’re a foster child and foster children are no good”. I thought, “maybe they were right”.