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Rustie MacDonald – Foster Child Advocate

Join us this evening, JANUARY 22, 2015 on Blogtalkradio as we welcome FOSTER CHILD ADVOCATE, Rustie MacDonald. Tune and listen to this child/youth advocate. She has a beautiful story and work. 1-323-693-3054
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“I was born in 1976 in Lexington, Kentucky.  I was relocated to Florida until 1990. Then in 1990 I moved to Vermont and now I live on the Seacoast of New Hampshire. I have always had this overwhelming desire to help others and this began at a very early age. I was witness to the over whelming poverty of the early 1980’s. As a very young girl, I saw the mile long lines of people waiting for food donation given by the Salvation Army. The severe poverty I lived in and witnessed aroused a great compassion for others and set the stage for my empathetic and giving nature.  At age 4, I had already begun to save food to help the local Salvation Army “feed that long line of people who are hungry.”   Even then, I was determined to make sure no one ever felt alone or without.

As I grew up, I began to volunteer for various organizations. In High school, I advocated in the Juvenile Court system as a Peer Advocate for Foster Youth.  I started a children’s reading group as an “America Reads” volunteer at my local public library. I continued to set the stage of leadership as my High School began a new Award “School Spirit.” In honor of my dedication to my school, I was the first to receive this public award.

265092_1649071246282_5457533_nWhile attending Johnson State College, I was a Big Sister in the Big Sister/Brother Program. I continued to advocate for Foster Youth and was invited by the State Of Vermont’s Children Services (DHS) to Speak at a Foster Care Conference in 1996. I spoke about the difficulty of attending college as a foster child. My motivational speech was made in front of Legislators, DHS employees and 100 foster youth. I speech helped to create opportunities for foster children to attend college. This was an empowering moment for me and a pivotal point in my life. That was the moment I  took the first steps on my path as a coach, mentor and life long advocate”.

Rustie MacDonald PROMO 1-22-15

You’re Invited

Hello everyone. You are cordially invited to join me tonight as we go live on blogtalkradio. Tonight’s topic, character….the character of GOD, man or satan?

The call in number is 1-323-693-3054 if you would like to join in on the conversation, You can also listen in by clicking the link.

I’m broadcasting live on the air! Listen in now at http://tobtr.com/s/5251889. #BlogTalkRadio

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My Best Friend


My Bible is my best friend.
It knows my beginning and my end.
God gave it to me and it gives me life
It saves me from much bitterness and strife.
My Best Friend tells me that I’m fearfully and wonderfully made
My Best Friend tells me that I’m born again ~ I’m saved.
My Best Friend tells me that from sickness I am healed.
My Best Friend tells me that because of Christ, I am forever sealed.
My Best Friend tells me that in sorrow I can find peace.
My Best Friend tells me that my problems to GOD I can release.
My Best Friend comforts me when I angry and mad.
My Best Friend, when my heart is heavy, makes me glad.
My Best Friend is available night and day.
My Best Friend teaches me how to Pray.
My Best Friend sticks with me through thick and thin.
My Best Friend will love me from now until the end.
I’d like to take this time to introduce my Best Friend to you
He’s no respecter of persons, you can believe that’s true.
If you get to know Him by reading Him day and night
You’ll find out that some wrong things will become right.
When you get to know Him, you’ll be transformed
With the world, you’ll no longer want to be conformed.
He’ll teach you how to walk in holiness
And He’ll teach you to walk in holy boldness.
So here’s my formal introduction of you to HIM
Get familiar with Him at days’ beginning and end.
He’ll do you right, of this I can attest!
He’ll be your Friend, and He’ll be the Best.

When GOD Says “I Love You”

ImageIt’s an amazing thing when we feel the presence of GOD and we hear HIM say, “I Love You”. Maybe you can’t hear you audibly, but sometimes you can “hear HIM” when somebody comes by and gives a friendly gesture such as a smile or a sincere “How are you, today?”
GOD said “I Love You” when HE sent HIS only begotten Son JESUS CHRIST to take our sins upon HIM so that we can have eternal life in the new heavens and new earth.

GOD says “I Love You” when HE answers prayers; when HE heals a sickness or disease; when HE makes a way out of no way. GOD says “I love You” when HE provides what we need on a daily basis. GOD says “I Love You” throughout HIS Word. GOD is LOVE.

I just wanted to take this time to share GOD’S LOVE with YOU. Maybe you are going through a hard time, but I want you to know that GOD LOVES YOU. Maybe you are facing a challenge that seems insurmountable, but I want you to know that GOD LOVES YOU. Maybe you are just feeling lonely, sad, or unloved, but I want you to know that GOD LOVES YOU.



Women in Shelters: How Can We Share GOD’s LOVE with Them?

Today, I would like to bless you by inviting you to join me this evening at 6 p.m. EST on blogtalkradio as we discuss WOMEN IN SHELTERS: HOW CAN WE SHARE GOD’S LOVE WITH THEM?

The call in number is 1-323-693-3054 if you have a question/comment/praise report or would like prayer. Also, If there is a women’s shelter in your area and you think Out of A Pure Heart Ministries can be a blessing to them, please call in and let us know.






The Joys and Sorrows of Ministry

When I look into the eyes of hurting women, I want to grab them, hug them and say, “I love you but GOD loves you best”. I want to say, “I feel your pain and I see your suffering and I’m here to help”.

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman at the Well - by Guernico - Wikimedia Commons
Jesus and the Samaritan Woman at the Well – by Guernico – Wikimedia Commons

There is so much that goes with ministry. It’s more than giving out personal items. It’s more than teaching and giving the Word of GOD. It’s a HEART thing. I see those women, how they use substances to cope. It’s not about judging them, it’s about feeling their pain and understanding the what and the why of HOW they got where they are now. For most, it didn’t happen overnight. It was a circumstance, a situation, some form of trauma that got them to the point of having to live in a shelter. Granted, some are there because of making bad decisions, but most are there due to some physical or psychological trauma.

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