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Pregnant! With Gifts From GOD

WOW, I just realized that I’ve been pregnant for many years – Pregnant with gifts and talents from GOD. Pregnant and not allowing the babies to come forth. 

In the natural, when a woman is pregnant, she has a gestational period of 40 weeks (normally). Anything after that is considered as “overdue” and plans are made to bring that baby forth by induction of labor or by emergency c-section. Other times, babies want to come forth before their estimated time of arrival and this is called a premature birth. If a baby is born too early, its chances of survival are severely decreased and while many preemies do pass away, medical advancements have allowed some of the otherwise “doomed to die” to live, although they may face many challenges (physical and/or psychological).
I said all that to say that many of us are PREGNANT WITH GIFTS AND TALENTS which GOD has given us and we are OVERDUE in bringing them forth. We are afraid of the labor process which must take place in order to bring forth that gift. Many of us want to have a cesarean section (c-section) and have somebody go in and pull the “baby” out but even in that, there is preparation to bring the baby forth. 
If you are PREGNANT, and you have passed your time of delivery, I strongly encourage you to push that “baby” forth. Don’t allow the fear of rejection cause you to allow your “baby” to be stillborn. Many gifts have gone to the grave. Image
Neglect not the gift which is within YOU because YOUR gift will make room for YOU and bless others in the process. 

Blessings to you as you bring your “baby” forth.