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I Believe – By Poetess Andrea Taylor Britt

I Believe


When God created the heavens and earth I was not there…but I believe

When Moses witness God PART the Red Sea I was not there….but I believe
When the Angel came to Mary and told her she was favored by God and that Holy Spirit would fall on her and
she would conceive……
I was not there and I still believe
When that same Child grew up to only shed his blood for you and for me
I was not there either….AND I STILL BELIEVE
“Blessed are those who have not seen yet have BELIEVED…….
Are the Words of He
Thank You Jesus for all you’ve done for me..and even if it was nothing


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Understanding Love – 1 Corinthians 13

                                                    “You didn’t clean up the kitchen!” “You always have MY living                                               room looking a mess!” “Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah!!!”                                                                           Notebook and pen

I read an article by Mustardseedbudget.wordpress.com entitled “Love Keeps No Record of Wrong” and I got to thinking of how I used to actually keep mental, and sometimes written records of what I thought my husband had done wrong to me. The things I kept record of were absolutely ridiculous and not really worth keeping record of. Things like, not putting his clothes in the hamper or leaving “my living room” out of order with his papers and books (he was a pastor and high school teacher so he had to have a place to study and check students’ work). He would cook dinner but I would be upset that he made a mess in the kitchen without cleaning it up. Let me tell you, I was a mess.


Then one day, the Holy Spirit spoke to my spirit and said, “What if God kept a record of your wrongdoing and brought up your shortcomings? How would you feel?” That right there, stopped me in my tracks and made me think of how horrible I had been acting towards my husband about minor things. Things that could be easily corrected. Unfortunately, I reverted back to my old ways of keeping record of wrong until one day, my husband had had enough. He said, “Theresa, why is it that every time we have an argument, you bring up something I did wrong?” He went on to say, “I don’t do that to you and I have plenty of things I could say but I choose not to say them because they don’t really matter and I love you so I forgive you when you do something wrong. When are you going to let go and stop bringing up what I did? You say you forgive me, but you don’t because if you did, you wouldn’t keep bringing stuff up”. Well, I have to tell you, I felt like the worse person on earth. After all, my husband has never cheated on me, hit me, called me names, spent his/our money on illicit or unnecessary things, etc. I had/have the best husband I could ask for. He loves God (which I asked for). He is just a great man. But I was messed up inside. I was lashing out at him because I still needed healing from things I had suffered as a child and even in my adult life.

When my husband expressed his feelings, I had to sit down and reflect on what he said. I was not operating in love ~ agape. I was operating in selfishness. I wanted EVERYTHING to be MY WAY or NO WAY. It was my way to have control because growing up in foster care, I didn’t have control over the abuse I received. I didn’t have any control over how I was treated and I was determined that I was going to control what happened in my life from the time I left foster care until I closed my eyes in death. I didn’t know that I was messed up and was destroying my marital relationship.

Fast forward.

God has done some wonderful things in my life. I am still healing from some past hurts, but I no longer reflect my pain onto my husband. Whenever I feel something, I pray about it and allow God to heal that. I don’t waste paper and energy to write down what I consider wrong because God does not do that to me. If HE did, there would be enough books to fill several nice-sized libraries. I don’t allow the negative, condemning thoughts to take up space in my mind anymore.

Walking in God’s love is a choice. We have free will. I choose to do 1 Corinthians 13 and it has saved me and my marriage. My husband can truly say that he likes the woman I have become. Of course he has always loved me, but he didn’t like me very much. How could he. I was not likable. Truthfully, I didn’t like myself but I thank God for Change.

Thank you Mustard Seed Budget for your article. It is needed.

Women in Shelters: How Can We Share GOD’s LOVE with Them?

Today, I would like to bless you by inviting you to join me this evening at 6 p.m. EST on blogtalkradio as we discuss WOMEN IN SHELTERS: HOW CAN WE SHARE GOD’S LOVE WITH THEM?

The call in number is 1-323-693-3054 if you have a question/comment/praise report or would like prayer. Also, If there is a women’s shelter in your area and you think Out of A Pure Heart Ministries can be a blessing to them, please call in and let us know.






The Joys and Sorrows of Ministry

When I look into the eyes of hurting women, I want to grab them, hug them and say, “I love you but GOD loves you best”. I want to say, “I feel your pain and I see your suffering and I’m here to help”.

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman at the Well - by Guernico - Wikimedia Commons
Jesus and the Samaritan Woman at the Well – by Guernico – Wikimedia Commons

There is so much that goes with ministry. It’s more than giving out personal items. It’s more than teaching and giving the Word of GOD. It’s a HEART thing. I see those women, how they use substances to cope. It’s not about judging them, it’s about feeling their pain and understanding the what and the why of HOW they got where they are now. For most, it didn’t happen overnight. It was a circumstance, a situation, some form of trauma that got them to the point of having to live in a shelter. Granted, some are there because of making bad decisions, but most are there due to some physical or psychological trauma.

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I Am Not Ashamed of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ

Romans 1:16
For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.
Being on social media has proven to be a great resource to what others believe. I know that the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST is becoming less popular and more and more people are divulging the fact that they believe JESUS/GOD is a fairy-tale. Some people talk about an imaginary GOD who lives in a book made up by man. Of course I disagree with that train of thought, but people will believe what they choose to believe, including me.
However, I want to take a look at the growing trend against Christianity:
#1. Some people think Christians are crazy for believing in an unseen GOD.
My reply to that is this:  I know that I pray to an unseen GOD and that unseen GOD answers my prayers.
#2. Some people think that Christians should be on an island of their own.
My answer to that is this: Why? Why should Christians have to back down from what they believe when others are not backing down from what THEY believe? I won’t back down because I believe what I believe and that’s my prerogative.

#3. Christians who come against what the Bible comes against are labeled as “haters”. I don’t hate anybody (that I know of). If someone has a different view from mine, so be it. However, I do try to tell people my point of view and if they don’t accept it, I can’t force them to.

To me, GOD is real. I have studied the Bible for many years and GOD is real to me. I know that I see things within the Bible that have come true and these things were written many years ago. There are still many things I still have to learn, but I believe GOD will teach me those things in time.
I have also learned through social media that some people think ALL CHRISTIANS are alike. I don’t believe JESUS is coming back in a space ship. I don’t believe I would ever tell people that I am JESUS CHRIST. I don’t believe I would try to convince people to drink KoolAid spiked with poison. I don’t stand on corners demoralizing people for being in same-sex relationships, committing adultery, being alcoholics, or dead-beat parents. I try hard to let the Word of GOD do the Work by saying what it says.

I believe the Bible is inspired by GOD. If it isn’t, I guess I’ll find out when I die, huh?

There’s power in the Word of GOD. AMEN. (I’m pretty sure my son will respond to this 🙂 )


Good Morning Father GOD!


Thank You for another day.

I thank You for this one more chance, to bend my knees and pray.Christianity,crosses,kneeling,praying,religion,symbols,silhouettes,women,people

I thank You for the trials,

which You have brought me through,

and I thank You for healing me, as only You can do.

I thank You for protection

from enemies and foes

and from dangers seen and unseen

some I’ll never know.

I thank You Father GOD

for this another day

And I thank You for this one more chance

To bend my knees and pray!