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The Conflict Between Faith and Fear

Sometimes we make potentially life-changing decisions based on fear of what we see with our natural eyes or by what we can not see by faith.

“Faith”, according to Hebrews 11:1 “is the substance of things “hoped for”, the evidence of things NOT SEEN” KJV.

I have done that and in the end, I made the situation worse. I wanted the problem to be fixed, not only my way, but RIGHT AWAY. At that time, I didn’t have Faith in God, as I had professed, but I did have faith in what I didn’t see. If that makes sense.


Can I tell you this? Don’t make a potentially life-changing decision based on your emotions or based on the UNFAVORABLE circumstances you are facing. If you know God the Father and Jesus Christ His Son, PRAY and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in your decision making. GOD has a plan for YOUR LIFE and HE SEES all that you are going through. HE HAS THE ANSWER…but you must seek HIM for it instead of operating out of your HEAD (emotions). I know     to trusting in an invisible GOD, but TRUST ME, IT’S BETTER TO TRUST IN THE LORD THAN TO PUT YOUR CONFIDENCE IN MAN (INCLUDING YOURSELF). Psalm 118:8

Proverbs 3:5-6 King James Version (KJV)

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

                                                     Praying woman

Pray before you make that decision that could negatively affect your life.
I love you but GOD loves you BEST!

Recycling Garbage!

I just watched a wonderful video by a young man named Prince Ea on Facebook. He made some excellent points about allowing garbage in your life. His video got me to thinking about the garbage I have allowed into my life over the years and how it (the garbage) has affected me.

As many of you know, I grew up in foster care. I suffered much abuse from the ages of 12-16. Yeah, that’s only four years, but those were some hellish years, wrought with physical, sexual and mental abuse. I learned how to be a physically and verbally abusive wife and mother during those years, by watching one of my foster mothers treat her husband and us foster children like we were somehow not deserving of love. I learned how to talk mean to, and about people whether or not they did anything to me that would justify my actions. I further learned how to be “good” or on my best behavior around certain people (putting on facade’s). I learned how to be demanding, abrupt, and just plain old callous. Relationships had an expiration date and the date was determined by me. I learned to cuss at people and physically fight, just for the heck of it (I didn’t really fight that much, but when I did, I picked on or bullied someone whom I knew was not going to challenge me until one day, I became the one being bullied). Yes, I had a lot of other garbage deposited in me and one of the major things was rejection. I rejected love because I didn’t really know what it was. I rejected people because I thought everybody was out to get me. How wrong I was.

During the last 3-4 years, God has systematically been healing me from my past hurts – in other words, He has been taking out the garbage. He has been changing my old mindsets and replacing them with HIS mindset as I pray and study His Word. Let me say this: God has tried to take the garbage out before, but I kept on recycling it. I didn’t know how to be Theresa without holding on to the garbage. I was actually afraid of becoming somebody else if I allowed God to heal me and that was a trick of the enemy of my soul. Satan wanted me to stay bound so that I couldn’t become who God intended me to be. He wanted me to stay stuck in misery, self-hate, self-loathing – filled with suicidal thoughts and self-damaging choices. But God had another plan for my life and that was for me to be healed and to walk in the newness of life.

Are you holding on to garbage that needs to be put out? Have you attempted to take the garbage to the curb, but before the garbage man could come to collect it, you went back out to the curb and re-collected it?

I pray for you that you will allow God to heal you of all garbage that was deposited into you. I pray that you will determine in your mind that you will be FREE because JESUS came to set the captives free. I pray that you will let God heal you so that you can be a witness to someone else who is going through the same thing that you are going through right now.

Don’t recycle the garbage. Let the trash go and be healed, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Some points from the video:

Our input determines our output

GMO’S  greedy, miserable, obnoxious (stay away from these types of people)

Fix yourself and become an example

Keeping hanging out with losers you will pick up their qualities.

Figure out what you want out of life, because you are going to be with YOU for the rest of your life.

Morning Prayer

Good morning Everyone. GOD bless you.

This morning’s prayer is for the government and for those who are suicidal. Praying for broken marriages. 
Scripture Readings from Psalm 91; Isaiah 41:10; Psalm 23.

Call in to give your prayer request 1- (347) 237-5533

I Am Not Ashamed of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ

Romans 1:16
For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.
Being on social media has proven to be a great resource to what others believe. I know that the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST is becoming less popular and more and more people are divulging the fact that they believe JESUS/GOD is a fairy-tale. Some people talk about an imaginary GOD who lives in a book made up by man. Of course I disagree with that train of thought, but people will believe what they choose to believe, including me.
However, I want to take a look at the growing trend against Christianity:
#1. Some people think Christians are crazy for believing in an unseen GOD.
My reply to that is this:  I know that I pray to an unseen GOD and that unseen GOD answers my prayers.
#2. Some people think that Christians should be on an island of their own.
My answer to that is this: Why? Why should Christians have to back down from what they believe when others are not backing down from what THEY believe? I won’t back down because I believe what I believe and that’s my prerogative.

#3. Christians who come against what the Bible comes against are labeled as “haters”. I don’t hate anybody (that I know of). If someone has a different view from mine, so be it. However, I do try to tell people my point of view and if they don’t accept it, I can’t force them to.

To me, GOD is real. I have studied the Bible for many years and GOD is real to me. I know that I see things within the Bible that have come true and these things were written many years ago. There are still many things I still have to learn, but I believe GOD will teach me those things in time.
I have also learned through social media that some people think ALL CHRISTIANS are alike. I don’t believe JESUS is coming back in a space ship. I don’t believe I would ever tell people that I am JESUS CHRIST. I don’t believe I would try to convince people to drink KoolAid spiked with poison. I don’t stand on corners demoralizing people for being in same-sex relationships, committing adultery, being alcoholics, or dead-beat parents. I try hard to let the Word of GOD do the Work by saying what it says.

I believe the Bible is inspired by GOD. If it isn’t, I guess I’ll find out when I die, huh?

There’s power in the Word of GOD. AMEN. (I’m pretty sure my son will respond to this 🙂 )



As I approach a new phase in my life, I find it to be a little frightening. Why? you may ask. Because of the expectation I have, I fear that it won’t meet up. Not because I wasn’t diligent in my part, but because when I have depended on people to come through with their monetary PLEDGE, or just a pledge to help, they continue to back out. It hurts and it’s scary. If I’m not careful, creepy crawlies set in. You know the ones, resentment, bitterness, anger and the most famous one “I’m gonna get you back for this” one. LOL
When I look at this thing in the natural, that’s when the fear comes busting in like a battering ram and the nervousness jumps on board to add insult to injury. Also, fear and nervousness have another buddy and his name is emotional wreck. Yup! That’s the friend who frantically is checking to see if things are ok, but then sits down and thinks about how close I am to “it” and then start crying. Oh boy. The water works come and then I’m no good. Just weepy at the slightest word. That’s funny.
This new phase in my life could turn into something bigger than I ever thought it to be. My other fear (because I have already experienced it) is that I will never have people to help me with my dreams, visions and plans. It’s so funny how people want you to jump on their bandwagon and support them (which I have), but then when it’s my time, the excuses pour in like a monsoon. They don’t even consider the fact of how they felt when the shoe was on their foot. How soon they forget.
This new phase in my life is going to demand TOTAL dependence on GOD. TOTAL Trust in GOD, and cutting off those who are weights, naysayers and dream killers. I’ve trusted GOD before, now I have to TRUST HIM more because no matter what, GOD never, ever has failed me. All failings have come from me.
So, as I approach this new phase of my life, although afraid of the unknown, I embrace it With that said, I will most gladly do what I know GOD has called me to do. I will do those conferences for Women Broken/Women Whole. I will continue to do blogging and vlogging to encourage young women to know their worth. I will continue to work on my book until it is completed, and anything else that I am destined to do, I AM DETERMINED to get it done. I bless the name of JESUS because I just encouraged myself. I feel like I can run though troops now. I feel like my true HELP has come. Thank You GOD for that!

Look out World…….I’m coming out! with JESUS.Image

I Opened My Eyes and What Did My Eyes See

I opened up my eyes and what did my eyes see

They saw a pretty, brown woman staring back at me.

That pretty brown woman lost a lot in life

She even lost her husband, she’s no longer his wife.

But I opened my eyes again and what did I see

A woman jumping out of a box and she looks like me.

She jumped out of complacency

She jumped out of fear

She jumped out of low self respect

She jumped out of care

When I look back at the mirror what did I see

I saw a pretty brown pairs of eyes looking at me.

They liked what they saw. A face all anew

Because I jumped out of that box a brand new you me.

I wrote this poem because I am on the verge of my 49th birthday and I have had myself stuck in a box. That box got built by what others thought I should be for them to get their ministries started. That box got built by what others thought I should be doing for their businesses. That box got built with people taking my gifts and pimping them, all along, my gifts and what I wanted to do, went on the back burner. I AM WORTH IT, JUST LIKE THE NEXT PERSON, BUT i JUST DIDN’T KNOW IT. 

ImageBlogtalkradio business card created by Sahm King. He didn’t ask me to post this but I love his work so, as his mother, I’m posting it. If you like it, contact him.
I broadcast on Spreaker and Blogtalkradio simultaneously (most days). I can also be found on YouNow but rarely.
My programs are based on my knowledge of the Bible. I love to talk about the Bible even though I have experienced some things that would cause some to believe that there isn’t a GOD.

The things which I experienced in my life, although hard, and at times devastating, have made me strong although I do have bouts with weakness.

I do believe in GOD. I believe we are all here for a purpose and one of my purposes is writing to help others get through what they are going through. I also write to relieve anxiety and anger – anger aboout having Lupus. Anger about having fibromyalgia, Sjogrens, Paget’s disease, A-fib and now possible M.S. But through it all, I thank GOD for this gift of writing. I know sometimes my writings sound scatter-brained and maybe that’s because sometimes my emotions run high and at other times, they just run…..LOL

I do believe that if I didn’t believe in GOD, I would probably have died already. I have a strong conviction about GOD. I have never seen HIM in person, but I believe HE IS REAL. I don’t claim to understand why GOD allows some of the things that go on, but I believe that HE has a purpose for it all.

For all of the hate that is in the world, GOD IS LOVE.
For all the pain that is in the world, GOD is a healer.
For all the war that is in the world, GOD is peace.
For the death that is in the world, GOD is life.
Some may not want to agree with this post, but it’s my truth. I’ve prayed to the invisible GOD and I have gotten visible results most of the time. There are things I have prayed for and have not yet seen the manifestation but yet I believe I will see those things come to pass.
I believe that in this mortal body, I will never truly come to know GOD for who HE REALLY IS, but as long as I live, I will strive to get to know HIM MORE AND MORE.

The horrible things that are happening in the world serve only as a reminder that one day this life will be over. No more tears, no more pain, no more separation from loved ones, no more fear. Yes, I believe in GOD and I will proclaim it as long as I live and when I cease to live on this earth any longer, my writings will live on.

So, good night and God bless each and everyone of you.

(side note to Sahm and Michelle: Not depressed, not sad (except for those injured and murdered in Boston and throughout the world)…..Insider…..LOL. I love you guys!!!

The Coward in Boston

For real, my heart is broken for the families who are enduring grief, sorrow, pain and loss of life due to the person who thinks so little of life that they chose to kill some and mame others. COWARDS, I call them. Who gave him/her/them the right to choose when one dies? Who gave him/her/them the right to make a mother grieve the life of her 8 year old and another mother, her 29 year old? Who, you coward, told you it was ok to make bombs that would cause people to lose their limbs? If you were so full of hate, why didn’t you just take yourself out? Why hurt people who have done NOTHING TO YOU? WHY? WHY?

I didn’t know any of the injured or murdered, personally, but my heart is grieving for those who are now enduring that kind of hurt. I prayed for the soul of the individual/individuals who have done this to these families. I have asked GOD to forgive you and to save your soul. I am grieving as if it were my own flesh and blood. How dare you play GOD and take lives. How dare you….

To the families whose lives are forever changed, my prayer for you all is that your broken heart will be healed. My prayer for you is that you can forgive this person who has caused destruction in your lives. 

I’m sorry for the evil which is in this world. I wish I could comfort each and every one of you but I send a cyber hug to you and I’ve sent my prayers to GOD for you. 


Peace and love to you all.


Theresa              Image

My Three Loves

I was shackled by a heavy burden

‘neath a load of guilt and shame

I lost my three precious loves

and my life would no longer be the same.

See, they were with me when I awoke

but by day’s end, they would be gone

and I would be left a broken mother

I lost my loves, now I was all alone.

It took many years for me to LIVE again.

because great sorrow had me blind

I searched and searched for the one who did this

but for some reason, him I could not find.

But one day, out of the blue, as GOD would have it

I found my three loves again

It wasn’t how I thought it would be

So then my pain did not end.

But I’ve learned to carry my loves in my heart

with each and every beat

I will love my three loves forever and ever

And THAT my loves I declare and decree.


and suddenly my