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The Missing Link

There have been many times I have wondered “Why did God put me on this earth? What is my purpose?” I’ve wondered that without getting an answer that I am totally satisfied with. I’ve been told that I am here to help other women to know that they can overcome adversity. I’ve been told that I was put here to birth my three children (even though I was not allowed to be in their lives due to circumstances I could not control). I’ve been told that I am here to be an evangelist (which I am), a prophetess (which many say I am), an author (which I am), and an advocate for women. Some things which have been spoken over me have come to pass, however, I still feel something is lacking. There is a missing link but I don’t         know what it is or who it is.

Chain with missing link

I’ve started on a new journey in my life. At first, I was excited and ready to get started. Things quickly began happening and I was completely blown away by the tremendous feedback, support and “genuine” happiness I felt from others. And then, three weeks in, I feel like a failure. Those who seemed to have had my back, have turned their backs on me. I was getting quick responses from people, now my email lays dormant. My helper has even fallen away and is not motivated. God, is this REALLY what I’m supposed to be doing? Is this my purpose in life or have I missed the mark?”

I am a very talented person who can write, edit, create gift items, do women’s group workshops, but then there is always something blocking what I know God has laid out for me to do. There is always some opposition to EVERYTHING I do. God, What is the missing link? Am I on the right path? What I am doing is good, but is IT the GOOD You want me to do? Why is every way that I turn, blocked, while others prosper? Am I out of Your will? Am I doing what You called me to do?

I do understand that everything worth doing is going to take much effort and most of the time, I will find myself doing what needs to be done, by my self. It can be daunting sometime, heck, it can even be discouraging but I am determined to see this thing through because I do believe that God has put me on this earth to help others come to HIM. I may not be the preacher who can draw in millions of people and money, but I believe God has set up those whom HE has chosen for me to minister to, so when my soul gets into the “God, did You REALLY lead me or tell me to do this?” mode, I reflect back on how many souls HE has allowed us to minister to already. No, not behind the traditional pulpit in the traditional church, but through social media outlets, internet radio, blogging, and writing books.

I am reminded that God’s ways or not my ways, Neither are His thoughts my thoughts. Isaiah 55:8-9. I am reminded that God’s timing is perfect and that He knows the exact time that He wants His plan for my life executed. 

So, while I may not know the in-depth reason as to why God allowed me to come to this earth, What I do know, I will do in excellence so that my Heavenly Father will be pleased. I don’t want to do a partial job, nor an incomplete job. I want to do my assignment with joy, peace and love – for God and for His people.

With that being said, I march onward today to be a blessing to those whom God has assigned me to. Whether it is a smile, a “hello”, helping someone carry a bag, a phone call just to see how “they” are doing…etc. I will do what God has put me on this earth to do until I know the rest of the story.


As I approach a new phase in my life, I find it to be a little frightening. Why? you may ask. Because of the expectation I have, I fear that it won’t meet up. Not because I wasn’t diligent in my part, but because when I have depended on people to come through with their monetary PLEDGE, or just a pledge to help, they continue to back out. It hurts and it’s scary. If I’m not careful, creepy crawlies set in. You know the ones, resentment, bitterness, anger and the most famous one “I’m gonna get you back for this” one. LOL
When I look at this thing in the natural, that’s when the fear comes busting in like a battering ram and the nervousness jumps on board to add insult to injury. Also, fear and nervousness have another buddy and his name is emotional wreck. Yup! That’s the friend who frantically is checking to see if things are ok, but then sits down and thinks about how close I am to “it” and then start crying. Oh boy. The water works come and then I’m no good. Just weepy at the slightest word. That’s funny.
This new phase in my life could turn into something bigger than I ever thought it to be. My other fear (because I have already experienced it) is that I will never have people to help me with my dreams, visions and plans. It’s so funny how people want you to jump on their bandwagon and support them (which I have), but then when it’s my time, the excuses pour in like a monsoon. They don’t even consider the fact of how they felt when the shoe was on their foot. How soon they forget.
This new phase in my life is going to demand TOTAL dependence on GOD. TOTAL Trust in GOD, and cutting off those who are weights, naysayers and dream killers. I’ve trusted GOD before, now I have to TRUST HIM more because no matter what, GOD never, ever has failed me. All failings have come from me.
So, as I approach this new phase of my life, although afraid of the unknown, I embrace it With that said, I will most gladly do what I know GOD has called me to do. I will do those conferences for Women Broken/Women Whole. I will continue to do blogging and vlogging to encourage young women to know their worth. I will continue to work on my book until it is completed, and anything else that I am destined to do, I AM DETERMINED to get it done. I bless the name of JESUS because I just encouraged myself. I feel like I can run though troops now. I feel like my true HELP has come. Thank You GOD for that!

Look out World…….I’m coming out! with JESUS.Image

ImageBlogtalkradio business card created by Sahm King. He didn’t ask me to post this but I love his work so, as his mother, I’m posting it. If you like it, contact him.
I broadcast on Spreaker and Blogtalkradio simultaneously (most days). I can also be found on YouNow but rarely.
My programs are based on my knowledge of the Bible. I love to talk about the Bible even though I have experienced some things that would cause some to believe that there isn’t a GOD.

The things which I experienced in my life, although hard, and at times devastating, have made me strong although I do have bouts with weakness.

I do believe in GOD. I believe we are all here for a purpose and one of my purposes is writing to help others get through what they are going through. I also write to relieve anxiety and anger – anger aboout having Lupus. Anger about having fibromyalgia, Sjogrens, Paget’s disease, A-fib and now possible M.S. But through it all, I thank GOD for this gift of writing. I know sometimes my writings sound scatter-brained and maybe that’s because sometimes my emotions run high and at other times, they just run…..LOL

I do believe that if I didn’t believe in GOD, I would probably have died already. I have a strong conviction about GOD. I have never seen HIM in person, but I believe HE IS REAL. I don’t claim to understand why GOD allows some of the things that go on, but I believe that HE has a purpose for it all.

For all of the hate that is in the world, GOD IS LOVE.
For all the pain that is in the world, GOD is a healer.
For all the war that is in the world, GOD is peace.
For the death that is in the world, GOD is life.
Some may not want to agree with this post, but it’s my truth. I’ve prayed to the invisible GOD and I have gotten visible results most of the time. There are things I have prayed for and have not yet seen the manifestation but yet I believe I will see those things come to pass.
I believe that in this mortal body, I will never truly come to know GOD for who HE REALLY IS, but as long as I live, I will strive to get to know HIM MORE AND MORE.

The horrible things that are happening in the world serve only as a reminder that one day this life will be over. No more tears, no more pain, no more separation from loved ones, no more fear. Yes, I believe in GOD and I will proclaim it as long as I live and when I cease to live on this earth any longer, my writings will live on.

So, good night and God bless each and everyone of you.

(side note to Sahm and Michelle: Not depressed, not sad (except for those injured and murdered in Boston and throughout the world)…..Insider…..LOL. I love you guys!!!