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Can I tell you this? Thanks.
He is NOT Mr. Right if he’s treating you WRONG!!! Women, Know Your Worth!!!
To the young Girls
To the young Ladies
To women/females Who DON’T value or know their worth:
If a boy/man ONLY “values you” for what you “put out” (sex), but neglects you emotionally, financially, spiritually and REFUSES to put a ring on it And NEVER intends to give you his last name – 
Women, KNOW YOUR WORTH!!!                                                                                                   

Sometimes as women, we get so caught up with our outward appearance that we forget to VALUE who we REALLY are. The hair, eyes, nails, makeup, and clothes are on point, but the Heart/soul/mind are being neglected. 
Women, value, love, cherish your WHOLE YOU. Know your worth!!!

Women who dress conservatively are overlooked, for the most part, by guys who are on the prowl for their next sexual conquest. If you ain’t wigglin and jigglin, most of the time you will be overlooked and guess what, THAT’S OK. Mr. RIGHT is not going to want you as his girl, but rather as his wife.
If a man/boy wants Jello, send him to the grocery store. Lol

Can I tell you this? Thanks.

We all know warmer weather is coming. Women, young Ladies, girls, Your Worth should NOT be based on how well your booty shakes/looks in those tight leggings or in how much of your breasts you are exposing to the general population. India.Arie sang, “I am not my hair” but I’d like to tell you that you are not your booty or your breasts. 
If the only thing a man or boy likes you for is your booty and breasts, he doesn’t like YOU. He just LUSTS after your body. 
You’re more than THAT!!! Know your worth.

ImageGive yourself a “HIGH FIVE” For Valuing yourself and Knowing Your Worth!

Women, Teach Your Daughters Their Worth!!!


In the disturbing video attached to the link above, there is obviously an adult female who is videotaping these elementary school girls as they “twerk”. I am completely against this and feel as though this adult is teaching these girls the wrong values. She is teaching these girls that their worth is in their booties. These young girls are learning how to pop their booties and this could easily lead to promiscuity at a very young age. 

Women, please teach your daughters, female neighbors, nieces, female cousins, etc that their worth is NOT in their booties. Teach them to get an education so that they can get a great career later on in life. Show them this video and let them know that this could follow them all of their lives as things tend to go viral and will remain on video forever. We don’t want to let little girls think that it is ok for them to be shaking their booties just because celebrities are doing it and not being raped or molested. Remember this: celebrities have security following them around so they are being protected. 

Unfortunately, if you, woman, don’t know your worth, I can’t expect you to teach these young girls their worth. Instead of showing them videos or putting them in videos where they are “twerking”, show them some videos of positive young children who are making a difference. Show them videos of young children getting into college at early ages. Show them that they, too, can be someone who can make a difference. 

This was no dance class. This was just somebody who decided to gather some girls and get them to shaking their booties and then post it to a social media site for all types of people to see.


Women, Know Your Worth! If He Will Cheat With You, He Will Cheat On You! 7-30-13

I just recently had the opportunity to observe some women at a company where I was working. One woman in particular, stood out. On certain days of the week, she would wear provocative clothing. At first I didn’t catch on, but as the weeks went by, I noticed that on the days she dressed provocatively, she was dressing for her “secret lover”, a particular male employee who only came to our location on those days. They were having an affair! “That’s not bad”, you say. Well this woman is MARRIED! Her husband comes to the job site and visits and when he is about to leave, they have this big PDA (public display of affection). They tell each other “I love you” and then as soon as the husband leaves, she would run back over to her secret lover and they would kiss ~ right in front of the other employees. She seemed oblivious to the fact that her co-workers were disgusted by her actions.

This woman does not know her worth and neither does the man whom she is having an affair with. What gets me is that the lover knows the husband but yet and still, he goes behind this man’s back and lays with his wife. 

This woman, as beautiful as she is, had three violations:
#1 She violated one of the items in the employee handbook which clearly states that there shall be no sexual contact between employees while at work and it is strongly suggested that sexual relationships be avoided altogether.

#2 She violated her marriage vows. I don’t know if her husband is having an affair or not. What I do know is that she showed such PDA with her husband and then started kissing on another man as soon as her husband left the building. 

#3 She violated herself by lowering her self-respect. She didn’t care who knew she was having an affair with this man whom I consider less than a man because he knew she was married and knew who she was married to.

This woman, because of her lust, could have very well lost her job. I don’t know if that is in going to happen, but there have definitely been some changes at the job because of her behavior. Yes she still wears seductive clothes when her lover is at the site, but she no longer is allowed to sit with or near him during working hours.

Women, KNOW YOUR WORTH. If a man will cheat WITH you, chances are, he WILL CHEAT ON YOU!

Women, Know Your Worth

It still amazes me how some women think their body parts are their worth. I have seen pictures and real life women walking around with almost nothing on. Breasts hanging out; shorts so short that you can almost see what they were born with ~ leaving absolutely NOTHING to the imagination. These same women make it a point to have hair all the way down to their behinds, eyelashes that look like spiders live on their eyes, and fingernails longer than a ruler. I know they have the right to dress and dress up how they choose, but women, I encourage you to KNOW YOUR WORTH.
Usually, men who see women dressed provocatively or scantily, only want you for one thing and that’s sex. They don’t usually value you as a person. They don’t usually care what’s on your mind. They don’t usually care that you have feelings and you want to be loved. All a lot of them want is what you are advertising and then when they get finished using you for a sperm dumping ground, they discard YOU and move on to the next one.
Women, It’s ok to be classy vs. trashy. It’s ok to dress nice without revealing all of your body parts. The right man will come along but you have to give him something that he would like to see. There are still some decent men on the planet.
So women, think about this: if a man can’t get at you if you are dressed conservatively, then maybe that man doesn’t need you. You are so much more than a roll in the hay. Women, you are so much more than a piece of meat. Women, you are so much more than a late-night booty call. Know your worth and make sure others know your worth.

Not Made To Be Abused

Abuse is not something GOD made ME for
I am a woman, NOT a mat on the floor.
GOD made ME to help you meet YOUR needs
Not to punch me in the face and knock me to my knees.
I am STRONG yet I am WEAK
And being abused makes my life bleak.
I was made by GOD To walk by YOUR side
Not as a punching bag for you to blacken MY eye.
GOD didn’t give me to you to belittle me and knock me down
GOD gave me to you so I could be your crown.
I’m packing my bags and I’m leaving you, boo.
Too bad for you, but I’VE LEARNED MY WORTH
I WAS your blessing but you treated me like a curse.
So in these bags, I pack all of my clothes
As I am patching up my bloodied nose.
But in THESE bags I leave behind
Anger, Hate and a bitter mind.
I also leave revenge and unforgiveness
Fear and depression and feelings of unworthiness.
Abuse is not something GOD made me for
HE has something BETTER for me as I walk out this door.
Please don’t get another woman to talk down to and hate
Give your life to CHRIST before it’s too late.
HE can heal all of YOUR PAIN you hide
JESUS knows what’s going on deep down inside.
Your dad abused your mom right in front of you
So you grew up thinking that’s the right thing to do.
But you’ve been to church and you’ve read GOD’S WORD
So you really DO know that beating a woman is absurd.
Your daddy beat you when you were a kid
He beat your for anything and everything you did.
He never, ever lad a kind word to give you
In fact, several times he even tried to kill you.
He called you names like sissy and punk
He never knew how your little heart sunk. 
When he beat you he said, “shut up and be a man,
Because one day this is how you’re gonna beat your woMan”.
So you came to our marriage filled with anger and hate
You had a great woman whom you couldn’t appreciate.
So you’re dragging around baggage filled with resentment, anger and hate
Destroying EVERY relationship you attempt to make.
But GOD can heal you if you want to be healed
Just confess your hurt and your pain and your heart, just yield.
GOD can do what no one else can
HE will heal your heart and make you a new man.
GOD will even restore your wife, to you
Because while HE is healing her, HE’s healing you too.
No more abuse
No more shame
You both are healed in JESUS’ NAME.
Go get your wife, go get her now
Make to each other a brand new vow.
Say to each other
“I love you and you love me. We’ll walk with Christ in this new matrimony.
No more baggage, no more trash. We both are healed and free at last”.

Copyright 2012/21/12