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Women, Know Your Worth, Part 2

Too many times, especially in the spring/summer, I find women (young and older), dressing to draw attention to themselves. Either their breasts are busting out of their clothing or the crack of their butt is exposed (couldn’t think of a more diplomatic way to say that) or they are showing off their on-purpose wedgie otherwise known as a thong. Some women even go as far as wearing “shorts” that are so short that it looks as if they are wearing undergarments.
It appears that most of these women are dressing this way so as to attract the attention of the opposite sex, but I am finding that many are dressing that way so as to attract the attention of female “HATERS”. This, women, is a problem.
We ought to be attracting attention because we are intelligent, nice and are of good character. Dressing immodestly would cause one to think that you are “easy”, “slutty”, a “one night stand”, or a “whore”. Some women get offended when anybody addresses them by those words, but as I have heard many times, “DRESS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE ADDRESSED”. If you want to be addressed as slutty, a one night stand, a whore or a b****, then by all means continue to dress immodestly; however, if you want to be addressed as an intelligent, woman of good character, DITCH the booty shorts, cover the boobs and PLEASE wear pants that will cover your butt crack!!!  

Before anybody gets all upset and out of pocket, I have a daughter in her twenties and this is the same advice I would give to her. I minister to women who have low self esteem and I teach them to KNOW THEIR WORTH!!! Not because I think I have arrived, but because I want to see women RESPECTED but I can’t expect others to respect what isn’t respectable. 

                                              WOMEN, KNOW YOUR WORTH