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Being THANKFUL Just Because

If you could think of the FIVE most memorable things God has done for you, what would they be? Not counting that God wakes each one of us every day, feeds us and clothes us. Trust me, I am truly grateful for daily wake ups, food and clothing because God’s word says take no thought about what you shall eat or drink because our Heavenly Father would provide those for us. Right?  Matthew 6

There's always something to be thankful for

Now again, what would be the FIVE most memorable things you would mention, that God has done for you? I’ll go first:

1. He brought me out of darkness and saved my soul. Everyday I am learning more and more about God, salvation and how to live holy. I thank God for not letting me continue in my sinful state, but called me out of it (darkness). 1 Peter 2:9

2. I thank God for my beautiful children and grands. They are truly blessngs.

3. I thank God for how HE allowed me to be placed in foster care and for the first 11 years of my life, had me to live with a GODLY, HOLY, PRAYING WOMAN. God’s ways are not our ways….so HE truly had a plan for my life. When I think of the alternative, even though things were kind of rough, GOD was there with me all the time.

4. I thank God for filling me with His Holy Spirit at a young age. The Holy Spirit is so wonderful and I truly need HIM on a daily basis.

5. I thank God for my husband. He is patient, kind, loving, longsuffering, funny, a peacemaker, and a saved man. He is the best husband for me.

Now, it’s your turn! Ready? Set. Go!!



Is God’s Timing Perfect?


To GOD, yes, HIS timing is ALWAYS PERFECT for us because HE knows all things and HE knows what’s best for us.

However, I can honestly say that I have DOUBTED GOD’S TIMING!  I can honestly say that God’s timing has not always been in sync with MY timing, but it has ALWAYS BEEN the PERFECT TIMING.

Sometimes, it has seemed that God has waited until the 11th hour and the 58th or 59th minute to come through. During those times, I have found myself anxious, fearful, and yes, angry at God because I felt like HE was either ignoring me or simply did not care. How human of me!!!

Then there were times when I prayed and trusted God for something to be done in His timing but because God’s timing, in my fallible opinion, was didn’t come quick enough, I went ahead of God and messed things up. Yes! I have gotten into relationships with the wrong people because I did not trust God’s PERFECT timing. I have spent money on things because I didn’t wait on God’s PERFECT timing.

Check this out….Psalm 24:17.

So, are you waiting for God to come through? Is HE taking longer than think HE should take? I just want to encourage you to TRUST IN GOD’S TIMING. HE is never late and HE is never premature. God’s timing is PERFECT and all we have to do is to trust HIM.

Have a super day!

Father, I Give You Thanks

There are times
When I’m so filled with angst
Times when I
really don’t “feel” like giving thanks.

But I can’t help it.
Father, I give You Thanks.

There are times
When I’ve felt like giving up
Times when saying “Thanks”
Just doesn’t seem like enough.

But I can’t help it.
Father I give You Thanks.

No matter my circumstance
No matter my pain
Father I will Thank You
Through the sunshine and rain.

When my heart is overwhelmed
or rather filled with joy
I will forever thank You Father
Praising You I enjoy.

I love You Father God
And I give You all my praise
You deserve glory and honor
And to You my hands I raise.

You are such an awesome wonder
So much so I can’t explain
You are such a Mighty God
Praise from my heart shall remain.

What a mighty God
Awesome God
Loving God
Healing God
Forgiving God
Saving God
Delivering God
Sanctifying God
Merciful God
Grace-giving God
Patient God

You Deserve All my praise and more!
I praise You, my God, my all.

Theresa J. Scott

If loving GOD is wrong, I don’t want to be right
I’d rather shun darkness and instead, walk in the light.
If loving GOD is wrong, I’d rather be wrong than right
because Loving GOD feels good and is good in GOD’S SIGHT.
Loving GOD means hating evil
Pursuing what is right
Loving your fellow man
and walking in HIS LIGHT.
Loving GOD means Truth
and pursuing HIS WAYS
Loving GOD means 
You’ll follow HIM all of your days.