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Please Pray

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As you pray today, please pray for those who are contemplating suicide because they are “tired of living” due to poverty, love rejection, family rejection, medical issues, terminal medical issues, peer pressure, demonic voices telling them to kill themselves, depression, hate, and mental disturbances.
Please pray and ask GOD to intervene for the ones who are seeking to KNOW HIM.
Please pray for the homeless, the mentally challenged.
Please pray for the ones who are contemplating murder, rape, robbery, that GOD would intervene.
Please pray for the backslider…those who have been hurt by “the church”.
Please pray for the child molester that GOD will intervene
Please pray for those imprisoned, that they will seek GOD and be saved.
This I ask in the name of JESUS’ AMEN.
Bibles,Catholicism,Catholics,Christianity,Christians,crosses,pray,prayers,praying,praying hands,prays,religions,religious symbols,Roman Catholic,rosaries,rosary beads


Gone Too Soon: The Trial of My Nephew’s Murderer.

Today, I am scheduled to attend a trial for the man who killed my nephew. After so much in the media about the George Zimmerman trial and his acquittal in the murder of Trayvon Martin, I wonder what will be the outcome for this murderer.

My nephew was 26 when he was murdered. Why did that guy kill him? Because my nephew wouldn’t move off of the step at a gentleman’s club. He had every right to stand there but the off-duty bouncer felt the need to flex his “power” and come at my nephew’s neck, literally. That off-duty bouncer shot my nephew point blank in his throat! See. my nephew was no punk. He was afraid of nobody and all who knew him knew that. He wasn’t mean. He wasn’t a “thug”. He just didn’t take people’s mess. 

In this day and age, it’s better to walk away from foolishness because people don’t fight fair. When I was growing up, it was a real tragedy when we heard that someone was killed by a gun. Why? Because back then, people mostly fought with fists. We called them “fair ones”. We’d say, “Can’t get along, get a fair one going”. That simply meant that the opponents would fight, but not with weapons. Today, however, the gun is the weapon of choice. That seems to be what people use to show how powerful they are. To me, it’s the way of the coward.

So today, I re-mourn the death of my nephew. The memories of his motionless body overtake my thoughts as I prepare to see the person who thought it was his duty to take my nephew’s life. I don’t know how I will feel seeing this man today, but I prayed that GOD forgive him and that this horrible crime will bring him to repentance and to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

I feel sorry for my sister who will have to see her child’s murderer face to face. I remember how hard it was for her to lose her second child within 7 months of losing the first (due to medical problems). I shudder when I remember her cries as she stood at the casket of her murdered son. I remember that same son as, 7 months prior to his own death, he stood at the casket of his sister, wondering why she had passed away. They were close. He stood at her casket talking to her, telling her how much he missed her. I remember how, after the funeral, he could hardly tear himself away. He would lean into her casket and cry and ask why. His mother, my sister, was in agony as she watched her youngest lay lifeless and her oldest trying to figure out why his sister had to die. 

What makes my memories of my nephew grieving for his sister, my niece, is the memory of a man at the funeral begging my nephew to give his life to GOD. Again, my nephew wasn’t a bad guy. He was well loved by his peers. He had three children and another one on the way (she was born the day before my nephew died. He never got a chance to meet her). My nephew was a playa, though. Yes. The ladies loved him. He was handsome and just had a way about him that drew the ladies to him. He was handsome and had eyes that were hypnotizing. He smoked weed and drank his alcohol but he wasn’t a gang banger. He wasn’t out there killing people. He was a playa. He frequented gentleman’s clubs. He liked what he liked. He wasn’t born again. He lived his life the way he did, but that was no cause for anybody to take it upon themselves to kill him. But getting back to the guy at the funeral. He begged my nephew to give his life to GOD. He told him that GOD wanted him to surrender his life to HIM. This man told my nephew that he saw something bad about to happen to him and he begged him to stop what he was doing and to come to salvation. We all sat there and gasped. Some thought the man was out of order. I didn’t. I knew he wouldn’t live a long life. I knew he would be killed because there were guys who, because of my nephew’s popularity throughout West Philly, were jealous and considered my nephew a threat.

I don’t know all that my nephew did in his life. I do know he was a good person. I know he loved his mom and his sister. I know that he loved his children and lots of people who came in contact with him, loved him. He was a genuine funny guy. He could make you laugh and his comedic talent was natural. Gone too soon. 

I miss my nephew. I regret that he is gone. Let’s see what today’s trial will bring out.

If LOVE Abounded…..

LOVE means different things to different people. For some, LOVE is a feeling that changes depending upon the situation going on. To others, LOVE see’s no evil, speaks no evil, hears no evil. Then again, to some, LOVE means that I have to beat you up to show you how much I LOVE you. Well, LOVE should not hurt. LOVE should not seek to destroy. LOVE can dislike certain behaviors, but still LOVE the person.
I have personally seen people claim to LOVE but then use that person whom they LOVE so much as a punching bag. How, I ask, is that LOVE? How can you hurt, physically, the one you LOVE? How can you punch, slap, throw down on the ground, kick, cut, and/or shoot the one you LOVE? Please tell me WHERE IS LOVE IN THAT?

LOVE agree’s to disagree. LOVE forgives. LOVE helps, NOT hurts. 




Don’t try to use the “tough love” excuse to abuse someone. That’s not LOVE. Tough LOVE is putting somebody in rehab because they keep abusing themselves and others. Tough LOVE is telling somebody the truth because you see them heading in the wrong direction and you’re trying to keep them from danger. Sometimes, tough LOVE means walking away.

AMERICA needs to turn back to LOVE. 

If LOVE would abound, there wouldn’t be so much divorce. LOVE would cause one to have control of their vessel and do the right thing. If you LOVE me, you wouldn’t cheat on me and if I LOVE you, I wouldn’t cheat on you. 
If LOVE abounded, there wouldn’t be murder, rape, child abuse, molestation, stealing and character assassination. Where is the LOVE IN THAT?

If LOVE abounded, there would be no racism. If LOVE abounded, there would be no hate crimes against those who are different from us.

If LOVE abounded, people could argue or disagree and come back together as if nothing happened.

If LOVE abounded, there would be no welfare because people would be helpers of one another. If LOVE abounded, people wouldn’t try to use others.

If LOVE abounded, there wouldn’t be as many homeless people on the streets. 

If LOVE abounded, prisons wouldn’t be.

If LOVE abounded……

The Coward in Boston

For real, my heart is broken for the families who are enduring grief, sorrow, pain and loss of life due to the person who thinks so little of life that they chose to kill some and mame others. COWARDS, I call them. Who gave him/her/them the right to choose when one dies? Who gave him/her/them the right to make a mother grieve the life of her 8 year old and another mother, her 29 year old? Who, you coward, told you it was ok to make bombs that would cause people to lose their limbs? If you were so full of hate, why didn’t you just take yourself out? Why hurt people who have done NOTHING TO YOU? WHY? WHY?

I didn’t know any of the injured or murdered, personally, but my heart is grieving for those who are now enduring that kind of hurt. I prayed for the soul of the individual/individuals who have done this to these families. I have asked GOD to forgive you and to save your soul. I am grieving as if it were my own flesh and blood. How dare you play GOD and take lives. How dare you….

To the families whose lives are forever changed, my prayer for you all is that your broken heart will be healed. My prayer for you is that you can forgive this person who has caused destruction in your lives. 

I’m sorry for the evil which is in this world. I wish I could comfort each and every one of you but I send a cyber hug to you and I’ve sent my prayers to GOD for you. 


Peace and love to you all.


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