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How can I say “I love you”
When I won’t even meet your need?
How can I say “I love you”
When you’re hungry
But you I won’t feed?
How can I say “I love you”
And you don’t even have a home?
How can I say “I love you”
And leave you on the streets, alone?
How can I say “I love you”
When you have no clothes for your back?
How can I say “I love you”
When I have PLENTY but I see your LACK?
How can I say “I love you”
And see you sick and in pain?
How can I say “I love you”
If I replace your sunshine with rain?
How can I say “I love you”
And I know you’ve no place to sleep?
How can I say “I love you”
And don’t care how much you weep?
How can I say “I love God”
Whom I’ve never seen
But I see you every day
And treat you oh so mean?
Father please forgive me
For closing my eyes to those in need.
Help me not be selfish
But to always sow a love seed.
TJS ~ 6-13-14

Not Always Sunshine ~ Not Always Pain

Life hasn’t always be sunshine
nor has it always been pain

Life hasn’t always been cloudy
nor has it always been rain.

Life has it’s ups and downs
Yes, Life has its smiles and its frowns

But what I know about this life of mine
although it could be better, it’s still going fine.

I mean, nobody said there’d be ups without downs
nobody promised me always smiles and no frowns.

Nobody promised me there’d always be sunshine and no rain
Nobody promised me that there’d be always joy and no pain.

But I heard someone say “Live is like a box of chocolates…You never know what you’re gonna get” and that’s one spoken word I’ll never forget.

So always remember that we must take the good and the bad
And let us remember that we’ll have happy times and sad.

But always remember that after the storm comes the rainbow
And after the pain, comes the victory glow.

I HATE This Disease

I am so weepy this morning because of this debilitating disease known as LUPUS. I hate the fact that my mind is telling me that I am ready to do x, y, and z, but my body is saying, “Ain’t no way we’re doing that, that OR that, today”. I am so angry with myself because I just CAN’T push past this today. I’m in pain from my arms to my legs. My chest is feeling heavy and I feel like I have jetlag. 
What is LUPUS? Please read the following information from the Lupus Foundation of America.

If you pray, please pray for me as I am having a particularly bad day but I do know it will, it will get better.