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I Will Praise You, O God!

Tag anyone who you know is going through a rough time right now due to a diagnosis or an ongoing medical condition. Just know that God is bigger than the diagnosis and yes, He is a healer. We just have to remember to keep praising Him through it all. It may hurt…..Praise HIM. You may cry….Praise HIM. You may even ask “why?”, but Praise HIM any way.

I will Praise You O God
through all of the pain
I will Praise You O God
In Sunshine and Rain.
I will Praise You O God
Whatever life may bring
I will Praise You O God
Of Your Love I will sing.
I will Praise You O God
Even through the tears
I will Praise You O God
even through my fears.
I will Praise You O God
Because Your love never ends
I will Praise You O God
Because on You, my life depends.
I will Praise You O God
Because my soul longs for You
I will Praise You O God
Because praise helps me get through.
Through the diagnosis and the doctor reports
and the fear in my mind.
Praise helps me to remember
that You are always on time.
So no matter what, God,
I’ll Praise You and be glad
I’ll Praise You now matter what.
Yes, even through the good and through the bad.
You are worthy O God
You are worthy to be praised.
You are worthy of God
And my arms will I raise
To You to say thank You God
Because I know You are with me
To say Thank You O God
Because I have Victory.
So no matter what it feels like
or looks like too,
I will Praise You O God
For ALL that You Do.

Your daughter
Theresa Jeanette Scott

I Believe – By Poetess Andrea Taylor Britt

I Believe


When God created the heavens and earth I was not there…but I believe

When Moses witness God PART the Red Sea I was not there….but I believe
When the Angel came to Mary and told her she was favored by God and that Holy Spirit would fall on her and
she would conceive……
I was not there and I still believe
When that same Child grew up to only shed his blood for you and for me
I was not there either….AND I STILL BELIEVE
“Blessed are those who have not seen yet have BELIEVED…….
Are the Words of He
Thank You Jesus for all you’ve done for me..and even if it was nothing


Andrea can be reached on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DreyaBritt

I Know GOD is Real

Some believe GOD is real
Some think HE’s no big deal.
Some think GOD is cool
And because I believe in HIM, some call me a fool.
Some ask me how 
I believe in a GOD I can’t see?
And my answer to them is
“I simply believe”.
Who or what 
made the air that we breathe?
Who or what
made the grass and the trees?
Who or what
made mankind?
Who or what
made rain and sunshine?
I don’t know what to tell you
Except I Know GOD is Real.
And believe it or not
To me, GOD’S the REAL DEAL!

What is Life?

What is Life?
By: T.J. Scott 

What is life?
A bunch of ups and downs?
What is life?
Some smiles and some frowns?
What is life?
Some clouds and some pain?
What is life?
Some sun and some rain?
What is life?
Some good and some bad?
What is life?
Some happy and some sad?
What is life?
Some rich and some poor?
What is life?
Some always wanting more?
What is life?
Saying hello to say goodbye?
What is life?
To Laugh some and then cry?
What is life?
Some paper and some ink?
What is life?
I guess it’s what ever you may think!!!

The Enemies of My Life ~ What If, and Fear (A Poem A Day – Not about me)

I hate them so much, yet they are a constant in my ear.

Those three hated words ~ “What If” and “Fear”.

I do my best to overcome them and shoo them away

But no matter what I try, they seem to be here to stay!

Like a bad relationship, I wonder what I can do to escape

But every time I try, they’re back in my mind to rape.

They forcefully take away every desire and dream of success

Then leave me in a fetal position, an emotional wreck.

But I continue to allow it

Because, although I hate them with a passion

I don’t know who I’d be without them.

What If and Fear have lived with me for most of my days

so how can I live without them, for real? They’re my craze.

I want a to get away from “What If and Fear”

I want them both to get out of my ear!!!

So tell me friend, what is it that I must do?

Because these three words always make me feel useless and blue.

I Am Participating in the Poetry Contest at We Drink Because We’re Poets on Facebook Although I don’t drink (alcoholic beverages…)

If my child was gay
What exactly would I say?
Would I scream and shout?
or would I put him or her out?
Would I give a warm embrace?
Or would I punch him in his face?
Would I tell him it’s ok?
What exactly would I say?
I’d say, “son (or daughter) I love you
Even though I don’t approve.
So If my child was gay
This is exactly what I would say
And THAT will never change.